Best of 2010

Yep, another year has come and gone, and so have a whole brace of games that I did (and a bunch that I didn't) play.  It's tough for me to come up with these lists, especially when I tend to look on the bright side of games that oftentimes don't even deserve it.  Furthermore, I didn't even get to play many of the games I truly would have loved to play (Bayonetta, God of War III, Epic Mickey, and many more).  

But, having said all this, I did manage to come up with something that I'm relatively happy to call my top ten games of 2010.  Don't judge it too harshly, because quite frankly I could easily rearrange this thing 20 different ways and be satisfied with it.  This is how it came out, though... and I like it.

List items

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