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Condolences Jeff. I hope that all of our well wishes are of some small comfort to you. Stay strong duder!

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Finished: Black Knight Sword.

Playing: The Secret World

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I bought it shortly after playing the demo. I'm not too far in, well actually I'm at the start of level three (out of five total). Even on normal the game can get pretty tough. Like someone said, it does share a lot of similarities with Shadows of the Damned, atleast tonally, and even Dark Souls (the imminent threat of failure is similarly pervasive). It'd give it my recommendation for sure.

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The Marriage by Rod Humble or Passage by Jason Rohrer.

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As far as Heroes of Might & Magic goes I love Two and Three, but as you mentioned Four is kinda... well not as good. I played these back in the day though so there's some nostaliga involved for sure, but I still think they might hold up if you're willing to give them an honest try.

As for Might & Magic the only one I every played was VI: The Mandate of Heaven, but I remember having a terrific time with that game also. Specifically I remember that game being super tense at times.

Thing is though, you really got to look past the dated graphics with these games. Hell, I find them charming, but someone new to the series might be put off. Hope you have fun with them!

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The gears of war mad world trailer has been a favourite of mine for a while. Though that Assassin's Creed Revelations E3 trailer was also pretty good.

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@chryan: That's super impressive. Will it be available for download somwhere?

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Don't really know about favorites really, though I love horror movies in general. Here are a few anyway:

The Shining

The Descent


However, if were gonna talk about movies that REALLY creeped me out at the time:

The Ring (US)

In the Mouth of Madness

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I just finished getting through this area. Definately one of my favorite places so far, and I was just getting over the awe-inspiring vista of Anor Londo.

Did anyone else get invaded by a nasty NPC phantom in the painting?

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Valley of Defilement is worse, by a lot, for a few reasons. It's longer, you're generally fighting above a bottomless abyss and your right, that big open space in the beginning of the second act is horrible.

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