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Okay, I've visited the EA forums and it seems like this is not an isolated phenomenon.

[EDITED March 20th]

Our team is working to apply a patch that we feel will provide a better connection to the Microsoft servers and should resolve some of the issues being reported within this thread. The patch is currently being tested and will be deployed as soon as we verify the fixes being applied.

Our team will continue to collect the data posted here and keep trying to isolate possible issues.

Seems like I have nothing to do but wait...

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I've tried reistalling the game and opening ports but nothing works :/

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Adding firewall exemptions also doesn't work :/

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Poland. The ping at the data center server I'm using (West EU) is 40, so not that bad I presume.

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I go the game today (20th) as a birthday present and was looking forward to spending the evening with it but after like one and a half hours of reconnecting, changing data centers, resetting the game, the computer and my router, the game still can't connect. It begins with 'retrieving matchmaking list', then it counts up 'attempting connection (x out of 10)', repeats these two steps, and is stuck on 'initializing...' forever.

I've heard that you can try spamming enter to disconnect and reconnect rapidly but after many attempts it's still a no go.

So basically I'm pissed because I have no idea what's going on, whether I should keep trying, skip playing the game today and return tommorow, or if this is some major large scale issue.

Have any of you guys been experiencing similar issues? What did you do that worked?

Thanks duders

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Hey guys. So Christmas coming up and apparently people want to know what to get me. I had been thinking about a decent gaming mouse for quite some time, so I figured this might be a good time to get one. Could you recommend a decent gaming mouse within the $100-$120 price range?
-I play mostly shooters like TF2, however nothing esports level.
-A button to slow down the speed for aiming DTS would be nice.
-I would absolutely LOVE if it was wireless, however I want to look at all the options

Thanks duders.

Also damn, it has been a while.

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@gamefreak9 said:

The maul one. Just remembering it starts playing that song in my head also this is funny:

This is brilliant.

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shut the fuck up donny

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They should make a quick look of surgeon simulator.

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@Canteu said:

I'm English and not a hick or a member of the so called "upper class".

So no, and nor do I have any intention to.

How can you know if you've never fired one?