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Get some good potatoes, peel them, chop them up, boil them in salted water. Whilst this is going on heat up 150g butter, 100ml cream, 100ml milk in a saucepan gently. Drain potatoes and then return to hot, empty pan and cook off excess water. Mash them up a bit and then slowly start to add wet mixture whilst beating the potatoes good and proper. Finally just keep the mash on the heat and keep moving it around for 4 minutes until it is glossy and shiny, add salt and pepper to taste. Eat.

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@oscar__explosion said:

@pixelfish said:

Why not extract it from the old podcast?

Because that would require work.

It would take 30 seconds in audacity if they have the files stored locally.

Why don't you download it and do it your fucking self then and stop talking about it.

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@drebin_893: Really, that is some fucking small world shit, I run The Oriental and live up at Seven Dials.

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Eat curry. Also, if you are in London then get the train down to Brighton and come and stay in my lovely hotel, The Oriental.

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I have one, it is not awesome.

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Not the right time, duder.

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@pinner458: You got bad attitude because you asked a needlessly personal question in a forum of people that that love your target audience for said question. What were you expecting? Jeff to come on and say that he "blazes 4:20, all day son"?? Grow up and just get on with life, if you like to smoke then just have a smoke, don't worry about what other people get up to. You will get it when you grow up.

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I have been playing the beta and really enjoying it, can you add me please and then when the game launches I am going to start afresh on the server. Username is MrSkids.

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I buy used games and and new games but I never trade games in, I simply keep my game collection stocked with people who are foolish enough to take incredibly low trade in prices for their games.