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Wait, let me see if I get this GamerGate rhetoric: whenever I see someone, that says something I disagree with, I just yell out STRAWMAN and call them biased. Then I win, right? Those are the magic words?

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This season started off pretty interesting, I felt, but it just ended up being trash. I agree when Alex says that you completely lacked the chemistry and emotional involvement that the Lee-Clementine duo created, none of the characters in this season came close to that.

The ending had me going "Oh come on, really?" all the way through. I was in disbelief at how awful it was, given how good season one had been - had season one not been so good, I would probably have been more likely to forgive the bullshit in season two.

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@ptys said:

Surely these headlines can remain part of your personal blog Patrick, wouldn't say it classifies as news.

Yes, god forbid someone posts something about video games on a video game website, what an atrocity.

Nice find, Patrick, I look forward to hearing Jeff's reaction to this.

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Great writeup, I felt the same throughout Watch Dogs.

Every time I stole money, blew up a highway, raised a bridge, made a light turn red or killed civilians (in a manner that was usually totally unpunished) I just felt like a dirtbag. A terrorist, is how I would describe it.

I subverted a system designed to keep people safe, to cause nothing but tragedy and destruction - it made absolutely no sense that Aiden was heralded as a cool renegade dude that people liked, because, what the fuck, Aiden.

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Yep, I'm having various amounts of sound cutting out - the only one that is completely consistent, though, is dialogue. I had dialogue for the first 15 minutes, and then pow, gone.

This game is hella buggy.

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You own 229 games worth: $2,730.96 USD!

Good enough for me.

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I agree that the setting was interesting, I found the world and story to be incredibly fascinating - the way there were weird, barbershop quartet and fairground organ versions of 80's pop music, the worship of the founding fathers as gods, the whole larger than life thing everything had going on, and the full-on, blatant racism and bigotry that was just so prevalent - but I think exploring where that came from wouldn't produce satisfying answers. I don't think it would ultimately be interesting, it would just be "Zachary Comstock is a huge fucking racist piece of shit, that's why."

But at least the game had me thinking that was the point, until it starts dropping science on you. Once you reach the end, the way everything just goes off the fucking rails should be anything but disappointing.

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The Far Cry 3 writer sounds like a hilarious "HEY MAN, MAYBE YOU'RE THE REAL RACIST HERE" kind of guy.

Also an insufferable jerk. You looted stuff like "meth pipe" off the brown skinned natives, while the proud Aryan mercenaries arrived with stuff like "tooth paste."

There are countless other equally dumb examples one can pull out.

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I had not been privy to the development of that game in any way. When it came out, I thought about the last time I heard about a game involving the Alien name, and remembered it being garbage, so I just assumed this was some sort of shovelware.

Imagine my surprise when I found out this game had a rich and refined history, and a distinct aroma of bullshit. Since I had absolutely no investment in it, it hasn't really bothered me, but I certainly feel for the people who now feel ripped off.

Studied at arms length, though, it's interesting to see just how damaging shit like this is to a company. Overpromising and underdelivering is not easy to get away with - I like to think that there must have been some way of softening the blow, with some well-applied PR disaster management before and after, but the way they've handled all that, certainly hasn't helped them.

Then again, they probably have this strategized to some extent. I mean, people thought Duke Nukem: Forever was hot bullshit, right? That didn't stop them from throwing money at this game, or even putting another Duke Nukem game in development. I mean, at some point we should probably take responsibility ourselves, for enabling them to pull this shit off by buying their product.