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I'm not sure why I bothered to read this preview, if I walked into a game shop and saw a box with Forza 4 in black bold times new roman on a plain white cover with a price of roughly £40 and I could be sure it was a genuine product I would give that man roughly £40 for that box.

In fact I suggest an edit of this preview:

Forza 4: It's real. It's Forza, It's out sometime in October.

I think that would be enough for us all.

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@afrofools said:

There are almost no good exclusive games on 360, and all the updates are just more improved ways to show advertisements to you. Yes the Xbox team are a great bunch of people that pioneer new features like beacons, but at the end of the day it's the games that matter. Also, the Xbox dashboard benefits from Microsoft's design teams and research departments. The interface is very close to that of Windows Phone and Windows 8, which is three products, two of them immensely popular. Sony only has one popular product to design interfaces for /excluding android tablets and cameras.

Well actually no, the main improvements of this version to me are the search options and the last used apps page, search should let me find what I want a lot faster and the last used apps should be on every device imo. Phone, PC or console. I actually agree that Microsoft has fewer exclusives that are worth playing but if a game is multiplatform I and many other would rather play it on the 360 as it has matchmaking and social features which should now be the standard as far as I'm concerned, playing with friends is a real chore on the PS3 and that's what I was talking about in my original post.

Games like SOCOM and MAG are ruined by Sony's lack of proper feature set and I feel like I've wasted good money on them where honestly I think they'd have flourished on the Xbox 360. I didn't mean to troll with this or my previous post. Just posting my honest opinion.

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What are Sony playing at? I can't remember a single feature they've added to their console that I have used even once. Microsoft are starting over again for the second time and admitting their mistakes and making improvements. Sony don't even have cross game chat yet. It's lucky that there are companies making good games for the PS3 or I'd have sold mine years ago.

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@ervonymous said:

@Resident4t: Yes and no, it's easy enough though. It's nothing fishy but I can't say for sure if it'll get you VAC banned, just throwing it out there.

You need 7zip to open the Data0.pak file, then just slap <prop n="CameraDefaultFOV" v="your desired value"/> with notepad in there.

Changing the FOV won't get you VAC banned, especially not for a game that doesn't have competitive multiplayer.  Making an aimbot for TF2 would, but you can modify the FOV in TF2 to 180 degrees without fear of VAC ban. 
That page does warn that there's the possibility of VAC ban because of the files being modified but I wouldn't worry too much.
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I found the tower defence section quite useful but only on certain levels.  On levels where there's a really good choke point or obstacle I'd place 100% of my defences there.  I managed to kill quite a few boulders using that strategy, if you can manage to push their boulder off the edge and then keep them away from your towers using elephants and or fans and attack them with catapults.   It's not possible on all levels or even most levels, in those levels your better off spending all your money on bolder upgrades and rushing the enemy's gate which is unfortunate.

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I have a copy of portal I'm good to trade away for something cool  
Also here's my backpack 
And my Steam profile 

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Well I've never had a problem in Forza before when I've been locked to look forward while turning (well not locked but afraid to push too many button at once while moving at 100 mph).  I've only ever used the look around the cockpit controls to get an idea of where the other cars are by looking in the mirrors and out of the windows.  Being able to do that more fluidly using my head sounds like one of the most immersive things I've seen added to a racing games in a long time. 
I think that Turn 10 are hoping that you learn to turn your head when you want to look rather than move your eyes.  It doesn't seem like it would be that hard to learn, hell I'm excited for the game even if the Kinect stuff doesn't work out at all.

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One of the great things about consoles getting more and more powerful is that it means that upgrading your graphics card is a thing of the past.  The Xbox 360 and PS3 have had the same processor and graphics cards for the last 6 or 7 years now.  My PC has had the exact same hardware for about 5 years, the reason I don't need to upgrade is that a lot of companies are making games that have to work on the Xbox 360 and PS3 so games are optimised better and so run and look better on the exact same hardware.  I'm keeping my PC, I can deal with running super high end PC games (ArmA 3, Skyrim, Battlefield 3) on medium for a year or 2.  I'll give my PC a massive upgrade when the new console generation is out, that'll cost me the same as a PS4 or Xbox 361 and the games will look better and be better to play. 
Using cheats as an excuse is plain dumb, I actually blame achievements for this.  People seem to want to get to the end of games as quickly as possible and ignore the actual fun bits of the game.  One of the coolest things in oblivion is getting more powerful by upgrading equipment, getting new skills and spells.  Whatever your loss kid.

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Also Mass Effect 2.  I love this game.  Such a great story and pretty as hell. I have more screenshots of this than any other game, except maybe Team Fortress 2

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@Regal said:
@IncredibleBulk92 said: 
How about some Napoleon Total War?  I don't thin this game got what it deserved, it was shoved under the rug as simply an expansion to the poorly received Empire Total War, in fact this game goes out of it's way to fix problems with Empire, going as far as to completely redesign what was expected of the player during the main campaign and to make generals something that you really cared about, not just threw away as free heavy cavalry (we've all done it). 
I must have misunderstood you somehow - the poorly received Empire Total War?   I'm sure its safe to assume that you know that Empire was among the most critically acclaimed Total War games in the series, certainly better received than Napoleon (which as good as well though perhaps not as innovative). 
Oh my mistake, I just wrote that convinced that people hadn't liked Empire.  It was very buggy and unstable on release so I thought that the reviews would have reflected that, I don't ever read reviews if I'm honest, just previews and forum threads.  I enjoyed Empire personally but my problem with it was that most armies were carbon copies of each other, just with different uniform colours.  Of course you had the Indians and Native Americans to mix things up but a land war in Europe got a bit tedious after a while as you ended up facing the same armies over and over.  After playing Medieval 2 where each army had it's own personality and a lot more unique units I got tired of Empire quickly.  But Shogun 2? That's a good Total War game. 
@pornstorestiffi:  PROTIP: Add this to your RSS reader of choice, it's a great way to save yourself a hell of a lot of money if your patient or impulsive enough.  In truth it's probably cost me more in the long run than if I hadn't found it but I have a lot more games to show for it lol.