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How about some Napoleon Total War?  I don't thin this game got what it deserved, it was shoved under the rug as simply an expansion to the poorly received Empire Total War, in fact this game goes out of it's way to fix problems with Empire, going as far as to completely redesign what was expected of the player during the main campaign and to make generals something that you really cared about, not just threw away as free heavy cavalry (we've all done it). 

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@buckybit said:

@Atlas: I am trying to like this game but it does nothing for me.

I play against the AI - that is... FIRST I watch how my own AI guys are hitting against objects or floating in the air - stuck - for a whole game. Oh, wait - here's a screenshot from today...

Unfortunately mate there's your mistake, the AI is terrible and not really worth your time.  Jump onto a server that's running the official maps, play soldier and let the game take over.  Honestly, playing against the AI is the worst way to play TF2, Valve may have made an error even adding them to the game because new players could really be put off by them.  
Also the AI was only added quite recently and I doubt it receives too much attention from Valve.  It hasn't been in the game for over 200 patches.
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@GaspoweR: Interested in trading your hero's tail for a or a 
I could sweeten the deal if your interested 
Allow me to shamelessly repeat what I'm looking for here 
I'm looking for 
Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun
Large Luchadore
Sober Stuntman 
Team Captain 
Pocket Medic  
Teddy Roosebelt
Strange Minigun 
New Shotguns 
Any Soldier Misc Item 
I'll trade anything on the first (and I guess the second) page of my backpack and maybe some of the other hats if anybody comes up with a particularly good offer.
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@Vitor: I'd trade you a pair of the booties for the disciplinary action or the eviction notice.  Sorry but I'm rather fond of my persuan persuader, it would take one of the new shotguns to pry that out of my hands lol.
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I like using the Warrior's Spirit with Steak Sandwich combo.  It one hit kills a lot of the time and your fast enough to dodge a majority of classes. 
The KGB is a close second though.

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@CptBedlam: So how do you manage to buy points? I'm looking at it now and they seem to give me different errors for each method i try.
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I'd totally take a dinosaur game from the guys behind Infinity Ward.  I hope this law suit doesn't affect the release date too much.

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If from Dust comes out this week I'll be able to hold for a few more weeks.  It's lucky Valve dropped the TF2 update actually, I have something to distract me while I wait.

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@BinaryDragon said:

Also I don't know about you, but 'next wednesday' isn't as soon as possible to me, that sounds like 'we don't care we cocked up, tough luck'.

I downloaded the demo of Trenched using my US silver account. If it's not out by wednesday next week I'm going to buy points from amazon and be done with it. The internet is global big companies and certification organisations need to get that straight, especially countries that share a common language.

If I were to buy the US version, would I have to sign in with my fake US account everytime I wanna play Trenched?? Or could I just login in with my UK account once its been purchased with the US account??  Don't really wanna have to jump through hoops everytime I fire up the 360 for Trenched!! :|
Actually the way that downloading content works on the Xbox 360 is that if you pay for something using an account on an Xbox both that Xbox and that account are credited with the purchase. 
That means that if (for example) I took my account to my brothers Xbox 360 and bought the LA noire pass and downloaded all the goods onto his xbox and then copied all of those things onto a 16GB USB stick (leaving a copy on his Xbox) I could then transfer those things to my xbox and we could both use the content simultaneously so long as he is using his Xbox and I am using my account. All theoretical of course ;) 
The big advantage to this method is that I can play on my account while offline and he could play on his Xbox while offline. 
I'd test it out before making a 1200 point purchase but even if not, leaving player 2 signed in should work anyway.  Me, I'll wait for the UK version.