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Yea I was just about to recommend the Skip the Fade mod, couldn't stand that part of the game.  There's also a good one which places Raven's around the environment which let you respec your character, great for when you get new characters who have skills you don't like. 
Something I would have loved when I played Dragon Age but never thought to look for it would be a no friendly fire mod.  I had all of these amazing spells for the mage which I never used because I was afraid of it weakening my party members too.  I'd rather enjoy the combat and story than stick to pointless D&D rules.

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@Levianth: Lol I actually clicked that link, took me a while to realise what was wrong.  I'll have to send that to someone in the future. 
@salad10203: That sounds like pretty good advice but I'm not sure that my motherboard allows access to things like timings and voltage settings, I guess I'll give it a quick try on my day off tomorrow see if that works out. 
The two voltage levels and timings wasn't something I noticed when I ordered the ram, it worries me a little bit.
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@MattyFTM: Yea I've running 64-bit Windows 7 with the latest service pack.
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Hey guys, I've just bought a new pair of 2 gig ram sticks to add to my existing pair of 2 gig ram sticks, both appear to be identical to me (in terms of specs) but made by different manufacturers.  I've tested both pairs individually and they both boot fine but when I put all 4 sticks in at the same time the computer seems to power up but the screens remain black.  There's no POST beep normally with my mother board and I'm not getting any sort of error beeps or error messages.  
Is there anything obvious I'm missing here?  Surely identical RAM should work just fine.
original ram:
new ram:

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Yea MAG did suck but I'm looking forward to SOCOM's coop.   It looks like they're doing some things to keep co-op interesting over multiple play throughs.
Multiplayer does't interest me for most games.   I'd rather play some Battlefield or Team Fortress 2, games that focus on multiplayer and actually do something interesting.  Tacked on crap like Dead Space or whatever I can just ignore, the single player is fine but multiplayer is rarely a selling point.

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Jesus, didn't think they'd be killing off Guitar Hero any time soon.  They've been over milking it for years but to actually get to the point where there's not even a point in making these games in about 5 years is crazy, I though Guitar Hero and Rock band would be the new Mario vs... well not Sonic.

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I hope this is as much fun as costume quest.  Tim Shafer makes quality short games, Brutal Legend was fun but just too long.  Love the art style, more of this please Tim :)

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These preorder bonuses are getting stupid.  I bet that these companies even bid for the the best preorder bonuses so they get the most sales.  Pathetic.

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I'm pretty sure you can play the first 20 levels or first zone of Age of Conan.  I played like that for a while and enjoyed it but I still don't want to subscribe to a game.

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@defaulttag: STALKER mate, 2 games of a much higher quality.  More difficult but far more interesting. 
Actually fuck it get them both, it's a great price £5.50 for 3 good games.