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@Jimbo said:
" @mracoon said:
" Is Alpha Protocol worth it for £5? "
@DougQuaid said:
" Alpha Protocol or Darksiders?  I only want to get one since my Steam pile is getting pretty big as it is.. "
Alpha Protocol. "
I second this man's Alpha Protocol love! 
Also avoid the SMGs, their no fun to use.
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@Soap said:
" Another day of nothing for me. Operation Flashpoint for £2.25 is the most tempting though. "
Don't bother mate, I rented the 360 version and it's the only game I've ever rented and then returned.  It's buggy as all hell and doesn't feel remotely like the first Operation Flashpoint game.  Treat yourself to ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead if you're in the mood for that type of game.
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The Apple page seems to change too.  Not as much as other pages but Civ IV is £2.50 for those who missed it on the first day. 
If you're looking at machinarium and thinking £7.50 is a good price (and it is) get a hold of the humble indie bundle instead, it adds to steam and includes a lot more games if you get in on the deal the have going. 
EDIT: I'm waiting for a super cheap NFS: Shift or good C&C game.  They just strike me as things I need in my life.

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1200 is far too much.  I don't give a crap about the zombie mode, it sucks and people refuse to help out.   Guess I'll go back to PC shooters with their free updates.

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Jesus 1,000 things on sale, I don't have time to look through these let alone play them 
EDIT: quick request, any games you guys talk about here drop the price too.   

  • BFBC2 is awesome at £7
  • don't bother with Ghost Master 59p
  • Super Meat Boy £3.  worth it?
  • Evil Genius £1 excellent Dungeon Keeper knock off
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It's more likely that they'll have something closer to the Halloween event  with some way to open the crates. Either them dropping keys at random or having some way to earn the keys.  Just opening them or christmas day sounds pretty lame. 
FYI it is always a good time to get back into TF2.

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God I hope this is an end of 11 release.  I will preorder the collecters edition right now EA, right the hell now. 
I hate early release info, it leaves me waiting for games like this for far too long and I almost get tired of the game before it comes out.

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I'm struggling to think of things that aren't changed a little in this patch.  Fair play, Obsidian good work.  I just hope this doesn't break my mods :S

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@HellBrendy: Thank you kindly sir.  It's a little less relevant now then it was when I uploaded it but it still makes me smile.   
Think I'm going to remove my name from my earlier post, I've had over 100 friend requests since I put my name up, you guys are hungry for this promotion lol.