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Damn I was on my way to post this now. 
UK TF2 players sent me a friend request :D 
EDIT: Thanks for the friend requests guys, I've accepted everyone that sent me an invite but I've got nearly 100 friends now and I'm struggling to find my real ones lol.

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I think I paid £1 for this in a Steam sale ages ago.  Great game though.  I wouldn't call it easy but so much atmosphere to the world

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In before some idiot tells you to just hold W+M1.   

There's a lot more to the Pyro than there was when TF2 was released but just to go against some of the advice of the first guy; learn to love your air blast.  
When hit by an air blast enemies are disorientated by the sudden movement and left vulnerable to follow up attacks either with more flame-thrower or a melee weapon, giving someone a quick puff of flame before air blasting them can cause some real headaches but it's almost always lethal if you follow it up with a quick axetinguisher hit. (Side Hint: Go into the multiplayer section in the options and enable fast-weapon switching, it'll lead to far quicker switches and more kills. 
Also it can be used to separate Medics from their team-mates even while their Uber'd, meaning that their attack can be far less effective and possibly falter due to a couple of Pyro air blasts.  Also combine the air blast with large drops or fast trains for hours of fun (watch for Scouts, they can double jump back to safety). 
But to echo what the guys above said, play to the classes strengths and help your team out, either by air blasting Ubers or moving sticky bombs away from important doors.   
If it all gets too stressful just switch to Heavy and W+M1 :-P

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@Aronman789: Lol no problem.  There are 2 solutions to all problems with Steam.   
  1. Delete clientregistry.blob 
  2. Right click game > local files > verify game cache
Remember these 2 and Steam will work forever.
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@Aronman789: A shot in the dark: Delete the ClientRegistry.blob file in your Steam folder. 
That fixes pretty much any problem with Steam.  don't worry Steam will rebuild it every time you log in.
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How come Valve always manage to time their sales on the same day my pay cheque rolls in, the bastards. 
Is Alpha Protocol worth a fiver? I gathered it wasn't worth the full price but a fiver? 

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Can't wait for this to hit the PC. Even if it doesn't there'll still be a lot of quality community made stuff so I win either way :D

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@valrog: Sorry rushed that message out, offering a lumb lid (worms hat) but I want at Heavy hat for it, it's worth a bit more than that due to the limited numbers however.
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@valrog said:
" @ajamafalous:  That's a damn shame. I really don't get how do they decide on what gets to be traded and what not. I mean Ghastly Gibus from last year (Now called Ghastlier Gibus with a small update to the hat) is now tradable. And the hat is awarded through the achievement. I mean... What? And obtaining Voodoo Juju the "normal" way is pretty much impossible.  So we've come to this Valve? Really? Really?!  Hm, I guess I won't find anyone who would be willing to trade me Lumbricus Lid. Or Earbuds for that matter. Unless they really want the Sackston Hale achievement, I don't have much to offer. Anyway, thank you for your help. "
I realise the Halloween event is over but are you still interested in  acquiring a lumb lid? I have one for sale for a hat and some metal :)
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I'd pay good money to get any game based in the Mass Effect universe, I hope that it's some sort of side project, I can stay patient for the next proper Mass Effect. 
Then again a mech game is something else I'm always interested. Hell I'll pay for whatever this is right now I have so much faith in Bioware these days.  Maybe that's the booze talking though.