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The voice recognition works really well actually, what you do is hold the right trigger to command your units (the left trigger starts voice chat to team mates).  Then you have a number of first options, Unit, Group, Reinforce e.c.t.  the next level is to say the unit number i.e. 3, and then follow up with the command like attack hostile 4 or whatever.  From what I can tell the voice command works incredibly well, the only bug it seems to have is rare confusions between the attack and secure command.  It works very quickly, you can press the right trigger, give a command then immediately press the trigger again and give another command, the game will work out what you said and relay the commands almost instantly.  Once you get used to actually talking to yourself and the uncertainty of what the hell to talk to yourself about it does feel really natural.

Again the voice commands actually work really well, it recognises your commands even in really noisy environments.  It picked up my fairly strange accent perfectly except with 1 or 2 confusions between the secure and attack commands.  You really don't even need to be very careful with what your saying or even very quick, in moments of madness saying something too quickly or even pronouncing something slightly wrong will still like 9 outta 10 times work fine.

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Wait? There were exclusive gamer pics?  Did I have to sign up for those?  I got the beta so I should get the email too right?

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The beta was pretty amazing, if only to see the unit upgrades and how different the armies actually were.  I loved how much the developers listened to the fans and their suggestions.  Really, it cemented my decision to buy End War day one.

Shame the load time was so long and it was kinda buggy but it was a beta and I'm sure they'll fix a majority of its problems.