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This is like spare change or some shit. Please this is real news in the real world.

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I'm looking forward to this. I think cyberpunk is the next big genre games are going to "exploit." I love the feel of cyberpunk and hope that Cyberpunk 2077 turns out to be good.

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I can't wait for the conclusion. I'm experiencing MGS3 for the first time here and it's great. Why are MGS3, MGSPW, and MGS5 all called metal gear SOLID? Because they don't even have SOLID Snake in them...? The pre Sold Snake ones should be Metal Gear Boss games or something... right?

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Most the things listed in this thread are in active development. I think there are more things I would rather see adapted from other sources than remade within the same framework.

Things I want adapted (fan projects don't count):

  • Live Action Akira Movie (currently in development hell)
  • Indiana Jones Cartoon Show (similar in execution to Star Wars Rebels)
  • Metal Gear Anime Show
  • Star Wars Anime Show
  • Aliens Live Action show (kinda like Walking Dead, but not shitty ass)
  • Live Action Cowboy Bebop Movie (currently in development hell)
  • Big Trouble In Little China Anime Show or Video Game
  • Escape From New York Anime Show or Video Game (cancelled)
  • Bioshock 1 Show, Movie, Anime

  • another season of Tron Uprising would be cool, but will never happen.
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Lies are not jokes or gags. Lies are lies.

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Jeff said on the podcast that they're should be live shows for the rest of the week. What could they be and what time do you think they're going live?

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Solid Scanlon should play it by Sept. 1st.

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are they going to curate the eshop now? why was it removed besides being shit?

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What if the PT release was a test and TPP just comes out on the 4th?

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Countdown will release a new Mega64 video which includes Transfarring 2 and a release date.