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@Donkeycow: Glad to hear it, I guess? =D

@Bassman2112: Currently we're not looking for audio specialists, but is there somewhere we can go to listen to your stuff?

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Haha yeah it's pretty awesome that we're a staff pick.

Hoping it helps!

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@pepsicolagirl: Thanks! The support means a lot to us!

@MaFoLu: And I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of tank-kicking minigames. =D

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Thank you all very much for the support!

Glad to hear you guys are liking what you see.

@Zolkowski: That's a good idea! It's on Reddit now!

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Awwwwwww shiiiiiiit!

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Do Scorpion!

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Looking forward to seeing all the applications =).

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@Unlogik:   thanks for the kind words. It's a difficult road, but the end results are great. Also, if you're looking to join the art/design team, feel free to give GoranP and me a shout via PM.  
@Deckard:   ty ty.
@OJ: Thanks. Also, Scribd should allow you to read it on your mobile products - no?
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@Crunchman: holy bejesus nice. glad you liked it enough to go through all that paper and ink lol. 
the pages look great in print, at least on screen. how's the legibility / colours etc in print? I just want to make sure that people who're looking to print will get as great an experience as possible. 
Any feedback you provide will help me create additional guidelines, if needed, for the design team. 
@coonce:  haha, thanks for the love. As always, The Luchazine will continue to improve itself with every issue. You might wanna sit down for when you see Issue 05. And get a pacemaker. =D Just in case.  
Cheers guys, and thanks - again - for the support.       
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I was extremely excited for the reactions to this release, and I must say, it's been awesome. 
Thank you, everybody, for your support. Glad to see the general response is 'positive' - to say the least. 
To anybody asking the 'whys' and 'why nots' about the layout choices: 
by making the 2-page spread, the design team had much more independence and freedom as to how to make things look pretty. In the previous issues, the real estate [lack thereof] was one of the main concerns. 
This is only the first "2-page-spread" issue, and so much improving lies ahead. I'll be looking into how to make the improved experience more universal, and less irritating to deal with in future [both from our end, and yours]. 
And thanks again!