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Forgot to post Episode #2 over here. This episode is all about Motivation. How to understand your motivation and how to adjust your mind set to keep motivated.

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Also, here is Episode #3, Competition and Verbal Aggression. This episode I talk about competition and how it effects people, but also the larger issue of Verbal Aggression within games such as Dota. I wanted to explain some reasoning why people begin to attack other teammates rather then fixing the issue at hand. Then more importantly, how people can react to properly diffuse these types of situations.

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@tobbrobb said:

Neat idea. I personally don't have much use out of something like this, but I'm sure some will greatly benefit from some help with their mindset. Oh, and while I think you spoke clearly and got the point across well without being dull. Using an entire half hour for a video like this might scare attention-impaired generation. Either making a more summarized video on the side, making the video shorter, summarizing it early on in the video or even splitting it up into smaller chunks are all things that I think would help you reach your audience.

Either way, nice setup with the text document! I think it looks very well thought out and you obviously care about the subject. Keep at it!

I agree, I wanted to shoot for around 15 min. I thought for sure a lot of people would say it was to long, but surprisingly enough I have gotten more people saying "I thought it was to long, but I listened the whole time..." But at the same time, if it is to long for people to digest or care about, then there are plenty of other resources out there for them. We shall see how the next one goes, the goal will be 15 min plus or minus a few.

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Hey Bombers, some of you might remember a while back a series I did called "Dota for Dummies" in which it was aimed at new players coming into Dota 2 and learning the mechanics. Well I just started up a new mini series called The Dota Clinic, the premise is slightly different however. Rather then looking at specific mechanics and game knowledge of Dota, I want to talk more about the mindset of the person playing Dota. Things like goal creation, motivation, anxiety reduction, competition, cooperation...etc are topics that can effect your game play but are more focused on the person playing the game. It is something that not everyone will be into, but it is a major passion project for me as I am working towards my PhD in Clinical Psychology and I work with people on a daily basis on overcoming many issues. Combining my love for Psychology, Sports, and Dota is a mix that I just have damn fun talking about.

Episode #1 - Goal Creation

This episode I go over a simple process of creating goals and how to set them up to allow you to have the most potential for success.

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It would kinda break the game. The whole point of not having each side completely the same is that it adds deeper diversity based on the side you are on. Right now if you are on the Radiant or Dire, it effects your draft / laning...etc. Even changing something like the perspective is a slippery slope where it begins to get away from being the same every game for everyone.

I would say just keep playing or play some bot games on the dire side and you wont notice it anymore. It seems like most newer players prefer Dire side anyways because they manage to click the minimap down in the bottom left when they are on the radiant side, which leads to a lot of useless deaths when they could have escaped.

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My biggest fear is that Sega will begin to localize less properties for western audiences. But as long as they can let Atlus continue doing what they have been successful at, I don't see any reason why this could be a bad thing. Also I am hopeful that maybe Sega can help get some Atlus titles onto PC since they have seemed pretty PC open in the recent years.

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I really enjoy a lot of the stuff Roy has been doing with Kotowari for years. He is one of the first people that got me semi interested in Monster Hunter. Really happy to see him having success with these guides. I loved having the Monster Hunter Beginners Guide to pass to friends who hadn't played the series before. These will be no different, I will buy them right away for friends who I hope to get them into Monster Hunter.

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I am slightly disappointed in myself that I am not more excited about this event. I have been attending MLGs since they picked up Starcraft in 2011. This past year was just a major letdown both for support and for the quality of the event at Anaheim. The seating was bad, the sound was some of the worst, organization of the venue was just a big cluster. Some of the sponsors like the pretzel girls who were walking around giving out pretzels in all just felt gross. The best part of 2013 was the Infinite Crisis booth because the employees were some of the coolest guys at the event. We spent most our time chatting with them about various stuff rather then watching the games.

Then when they dropped SC2, it just seems that they are rapidly growing into an advertising organization for these games. With both Riot and Activision giving monetary support for MLG having League and Black Ops, the whole company has just began to feel dirty. I don't doubt that more money on LAN is good for the NA scene. However I just have been so down on MLG ever since Anaheim 2012, that I just can't get super excited for this event.

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Puck is my favorite hero, because she is a pretty lady.

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New video up, this time it is all about dewarding. Let me know if you have any additional topic requests and I can take care of them next week.

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New video out today. It is focused on tips for micro and control groups. Next week I am thinking I will do an episode about dewarding and how to do it. Then after that I am considering doing a series that highlights each role, and what to do throughout the game. Support, initiation, carry..etc. But I am still taking requests if anyone has any topics they want covered.

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