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Clear nailpolish. thick layer could work.

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But he aint a sk8terb0i!

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It's not okey to say that ubisoft won, worst hosts and bad puns about sex and they fucked up so much things. But Watch Dogs, rayman, assasins creed 3, Shootmania and well yeah that. Maybe far cry. If they would have had good hosts this would have been the best shit ever. Now it's just wow. wow. wow.


Watch Dogs. I dont even.

Platform? God I dont know what to say actually.

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I would play SSX with her all day!

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@Winternet said:

@patrickklepek said:

@nohthink said:

I know this has nothing to do with the article but how do you read "Svensson"?

See-ven-sun, I believe.

I don't know much about phonetics, but that doesn't sound right. See? Can't be.

Since Svensson is a swedish name. (or scandinavian) here is how you should read it.

Sven - son.

The "en" in sven is quite like the "en" in the word "end" and the "son" should be pronounced like the word "on" with an S in front of it.

trying to find a youtubevideo where they say it.

for lack of better example. Here is Anders Svensson scoring a goal in soccer. you can listen to the name if you want to.

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@drac96: It's a shame that the FGC keeps trying to show of the great things about the scene and the community and the only thing that get some attention in the more mainstream gamejournalism is things like this incident.

Paralel to cross assault the mortal kombat scene raised money for charity and there were other great tournaments but this is what peaople focus on. the FGC is back on square one again. But I do hope and belive that Patrick is going to write up some more about this and hopefully the FGC and that maybe it will show a better view of it.

I'm not trying to defend Aris in what he did. It's just that the few things that he said about that community isn't what I recognize from the streams and so on. What people do in the crowd is one thing. But the FGC is trying to build up to something greater and surely it's a struggle and it doesn't want to become "esports" and lose all of it's charm. But I hope that with all this bad press maybe some of the good press can shine trough.

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I dont know what games gave me this. I went trough like 20 pages on the mech page before i got it. Well. Thats logical.

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This is a mysterium and we need the answers now!

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I'm in for it now!

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