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uDraw, uLose :/

but uWin, with that comment.

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Homefront ultimately shipped nearly 3 million copies, and sold 1 million in its first week.

What? How? Why? Who was running out and buying this day one?

People who were knocked senseless by the massive advertising budget. I wonder if this isn't one of those cases where a sequel sells significantly less.

To be fair it was quite an appealing premise in theory. It wasn't until word got out that it was kinda shitty that everybody lose interest.

Was Homefront the one were explosives and what not were supposed to be centered around the character?

If so, did that actually happen in the game and with fluidity, or was it, force the player this way and show an explosion?

Also, over estimating sales by that much, then from what I've seen having no marketing, that's a crazy business plan.

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Ahh add me Ineedaname #991

Busy for the next 2 weeks with coursework submissions but following that I plan on playing.

A lot.

I also love Swedes.

The vegetable

And the people.

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@KingWilly: Works fine for me.

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I'm going to make the assumption this is NA?

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Dual wielding ranger.

I sometimes game the combat using magic though, when they get caught on geometery and what not.

Can anyone tell me the true negatives between armours as well.

At the moment I'm playing like its DnD cause its the only rule set I know and in that a dual wielding ranger is most effective in light armour. So what does heavy armour affect and it what situations is light armour better?

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@KarlPilkington said:

I wouldn't give a tip unless there was a couple of quid change left from a note.

This really, and as a result, the place I get my hair cut is £9, I pay with a £10 note and just give them the quid tip.

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How did you manage to spell it wrong and different twice?

I've thought about buying a thermos from them, then my friend purchased a weird thermos cup which sounded amazing, I'm still undecided.

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Is that shield not just combat shield? Thus probably making is a variation on the firebat.