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" Fresh Prince. "
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This could be cool, id rather people spend all their money at a store buying pot than paying some shady dealer.

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Mass Effect 2
Red Dead Redemption
Starcraft 2
Civilization 5
Super Meat Boy

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Im done with this damn game now as well. Why? lets start with the bugs. In about 30 hours I had 6 or 7 crashes, 2 corrupted autosaves, 2 locked strips, and numerous dumb glitches. Ive gone on and on already about this so ill just say it quickly: this is not okay.
But this game is broken on a systems level much worse, the gameplay itself just isnt fun, and this is the basis of my frustration.
First, the rep system is stupid, it doesnt add anything useful and makes hardly any sense, 'the [insert faction here] has spies and knows if you keep doing quests for [insert other faction here] if you continue they will hate you". what? this doesnt even make sense, like the yes man and ncr faction missions, what you do for yes man early on doesnt in any way affect the ncr, why would they care.? It just a lame way of forcing players to play through multiple playthroughs to see all the faction stuff. The reason they do this is because no matter what faction you pick, the content is 80% the same. Its just maybe on the other side of the conflict or with different dialog. Even worse is the faction disguise bs. There seems to be very little reason for this. Its not like you can use the costume to bring up your rep with a vilified faction, it only goes towards the costume, not you, and you will be attacked on sight by conflicting factions. What this does is make about half of the armor/clothing in this game useless. In just 1 playthrough I ran into bullshit with this system 3 times! First, i find some awsome, good stat Caesar armor, but it makes all ncr attack me on site, ugh. Then I spend 3+ hours on quests with the brotherhood for power armor, but it turn out its "brotherhood" power armor so the ncr attacks me on site, again! and this time it doesnt even make story sense, I have to shell out over 1000 caps to get a version of the same armor, same stats, that doesnt count as "brotherhood. But the last occurrence of this bullshit was the worst. I spend a good 3-4 hours trying to find a way to get the ranger combat armor (armor on the cover of the game, badass looking stuff) without making the ncr angry (it never drops, and you cant buy it, you have to kill a ranger) and I finally get it, however its faction armor, so I cant do quests with it, so I have no use for the armor. This is such an unnecessary thing to be in the game.
Next, is the Damage Threshold system, I really liked the damage resistance system from oblivion and fallout 3, it worked well, it made high quality armor very useful and it made high level enemies tough, however it still felt balanced. Damage threshold does not feel balanced. On very easy, with T51b power armor, with 2 ranks of toughness, over 55 DT I get totally raped by deathclaws and cazadors, like 3-5 hits. This is stupid. Im playing on the easiest setting in the game with some of the highest resistances in the game and dying almost instantly. I would feel like the system is bugged, however every enemy I seem to fight has that damn shield show up when I shoot and the take almost no damage. There is nothing fun about this! In fallout 3, I was exicted about combat, and I enjoyed fighting hard enemies, and large groups, in this game I just get frustrated.
Finally, and this is a bit more personal, but its still a big issue for me: the leveling and skills systems. In fallout 3, you get a decent amount of skill points per level and a perk per level, at level 20 you were able to max out the necessary skills for your play style and put a few points in the other stuff to try it out, and you got enough perks to keep it interesting, by 30 you could literally be a jack of all trades, this may have been a bitch much, but at max level you should feel overpowered. In this game, the difficulty scales just as much (enemies at level 30 in NV are just as tough, or tougher, than lvl 30 enemies in 3) however you literally have half as many stats and perks. This wouldn't be such a big deal if the game was better balanced, and half of the quests in the game didnt require certain skills and only that skill. I don't know how many quests I had to skip because my medicine, or science wasnt high enough, and only getting 15 skill points a level means I will either: waste valuable points needed for combat skills to meet the req, or never do that quest. Again, this is Obisidian finding ways to force us into multiple playthroughs to hide the fact a lot of content is repeated. 
Also, I just feel like a lot of the content in this game isn't as fun as Fallout 3. The main quest, while ambitious, didn't really have a great impact, and the ending I got (ncr) was horribly unsatisfying. There are a couple side quests I enjoyed, but there were a bunch that were just "get item or talk to person" and return. Also, a lot of the changes in this game feel like Obsidian trying to go back to systems for the first 2 games,. which they worked on, solely for the purpose of proving some silly point about them being the creators of Fallout. There is a reason Bethesda didnt take those systems, they are old and not fun. I found myself, after finished the main quest, returning to Fallout 3 for a bit and having a better time, that is always a bad sign when the sequel feels older and more broken than the 2 year old predecessor. I don't like to get frustrated with games, but I don't buy a lot of stuff and being in college with no job, 60 dollars is a lot of money, and this is not ok, bugs or design. So im quitting for the time being, if Bethesda or Obsidian comes back and addresses some issues, gameplay and technical, I may be back.
I know my rant here is much too long, and you may not agree with my complaints. I just wanted to get it out there.

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" Super Meat Boy "
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The NCR end was completely lame. I had 100 speech and the guy was like "peace, ill be back later" and the ncr was like "thanks" then it was over.

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Super Meat Boy and Shadow Complex

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New Vegas. The suspense is wondering when its going to crash and how long since you last saved once it does.

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@Chaser324: Pulse mines, i found 2 in the vault just looking through containers and used them to kill everything, I was about level 18 at the time. Piece of cake. Reward isn't great, just some xp and audio logs.
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@Hailinel: I agree with you completely about this.
In the 20 or so hours ive put into this game since launch I've gone through hell. First, my game crashes 5 or so times in a couple hours, making me redo so many things everything is starting to blur together, then I get a game-breaking bug (locked strip) that makes me restart the entire game. During my second play through, I had a few more crashes, and I get the same locked strip glitch, literally 24 hours (real time) after the last time. I played the same couple hours in this game at least twice and done nothing else. This level of buginess in any form of software should be illegal, this is like alpha state bugs were experiencing. The game is completely unplayable and runs horrible and it really is obisidians fault. I don't blame the gamebryo engine as much becuase I've played hundereds of hours of both oblivion and fallout 3 on multiple consoles and never had so many issues, in the 20ish hours of new vegas ive had bigger and worse bugs than the entirety of my previous experience with this engine. It seems to me that Obisidian doesnt care about glitches and just wants to ship a product, they have always been a company about riding the coat-tails of successful products  and just using that to goose sales of their shitty products, Kotor 2, Neverwinter 2, etc. They dont need to make good games, they just have to trick people into buying their game based on previous, good installments in franchises. It really is a shame Bethesda thought they would do a good job with new vegas. 
Im sorry if this seems overly angry or negative, I'm just sick of how fucked up this game is, and im completely furious that I bought this game.