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Corn dog.

Corn dog.

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Yeah, there are choices that will drastically affect how things play out. They're not always super obvious.

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I've made a pact to not play anything until I finish Witcher (48 hours in!) but once I do, there's a bunch of stuff on my "shame list" or that I picked up on the Steam Sale. Next is to go back and finally finish Deus Ex HR, but after that, Telltale GoT, Life is Strange, Massive Chalice, The Banner Saga, and Pillars of Eternity.

I've also promised to play Divinity with the girlfriend, but a little worried about what'll do to our relationship...past attempts to play the game with my best friend have ended in, uh, tense moments (involving me continually doing stupid shit and getting instakilled and my friend rage-quitting repeatedly).

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BioShock Infinite, which is a bummer, but thankfully the small portion that was spoiled for me (Booker is Comstock) did nothing to spoil the tons of other crazy bullshit that happens at the end of that game.

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FEAR is up there, for sure. I'd also throw out Syndicate as a contender, actually. Maybe not the bass stuff, but goddamn the actual shooting and guns in that game felt great. I think Half Life 2 should get an obvious shout out here, too. The shotgun, the pulse gun, the gravity gun - all felt so goddamn amazing at the time. Hasn't aged the best, but fuckin' A it was incredible.

In terms of pure sound design, Battlefield is probably the pinnacle of melding good-feeling and great sounding guns. I'd have to say that, strangely enough, the best sounding weapons I've ever shot in a game is a mod replacing the sound effects of the guns in Fallout 3 and NV. LOUD AS FUCK. Yet unfortunately that does nothing to solve the gunplay feeling like a flaming pile of garbage. Win one fight, lose another.

also doom shotgun

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I bought a DK1 when they first came out, so I kind of was able to get the initial excitement out of my system. I'm still super amped and hope it all works great, but honestly, I'm going to end up waiting until I know that there's enough stuff for VR and that the format wars aren't a thing. If that's right when they come out, great. If that's a couple years from now, then I can wait.

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It's great.

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Rorie turned out surprisingly well.

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And, yeah, the Sand Snakes scene kind of sucked, but that one with the short hair was a cutie.

Dude, word.