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@hatking: Agree with you in every way.

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@gaspower: The golden rule to follow is: when you're about to post something negative about anyone from the crew, stop, then post about how awesome Vinny is - win win for everyone.

Win Win? More like Vin Vin.

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"We all know it's going to come out"

Where have you guys been? I've been enjoying GTA V PC version since they released it in the triple pack with RDR and Agent.

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@infamousbig: My intention wasn't to claim that him dipping made him a redneck but it was more the sum of his parts as well as the fact he resembled about 60%+ of the customers who walked into the Gamestop I worked in.

Nah, I got your point, I guess I was just saying personally that stuff didn't make me judge him too much (and it doesn't sound like you either) but I can totally see why people would, but also yeah, sum of his parts, he's kind of a hick.

Also spit tobacco is probably the grosses thing on earth.

I'm not trying to defend it by any means, but as someone who's dipped and smoked before, smoking is way grosser. Yeah, dipping you spit a lot, but it's a put it in, spit it out when you're done sort of thing - five minutes after you're done, there's no sign that you had. Smoking makes your breath smell like shit, everything taste like shit, makes you smell like shit, and makes your clothes smell like shit forever afterwards. They're both definitely something to be avoided, however.

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@sammo21: I hadn't heard about this, but after watching the video, yeah, this whole thing is pretty stupid. I wouldn't take it so seriously, though. If you're expecting good journalism out of Kotaku...come on. I mean, it's not like they haven't ever done a good thing, but they're not exactly renowned for not seeking out page views. And "This Gentlemen is Upset He Wasn't Invited to Titanfall's Alpha" is going to get clicks, and therefore money.

In regards to the dude, yeah, he's being a whiny idiot, but I don't think the accent or dipping has anything to do with that personally. I'm originally from Northern Cali and I've unfortunately dipped for years (but in recent years very lightly), and an accent is just an accent. And to be fair, his points may not be completely invalid, he's just being stupid about them. All in all, the stupidest thing about this whole phenomenon is that it is a phenomenon.

As far as your conversation is concerned, the media doesn't give a flying fuck what we "want" or "need" to know. In this age of the internet, they care about page views and advertising revenues. Somewhere like Giantbomb is an exception to the rule. As far as Patrick linking it? I guess he found it amusing or interesting. I don't, but some people must in order to click the link and make it this viral in the first place, right?

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Fuckin' Asura's Wrath.

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I've been trying for the last two years or so to try and get into some of the older RPG's that so many people praise but I just can't get through any of them, but I want to so bad!

So far I've played Fallout 1 and 2, Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition and the one I've spent the most time with Icewind Dale 2(because Dave talks it up so much!)

I managed to play Fallout 2 for several hours before giving up on it and Icewind Dale 2 I haven't quite given up on but I just haven't been playing it at all, sometimes I got way into it and played for hours and other times I hop in and get bored really quickly. I'm not sure what it is exactly that is a turn off for all these RPG's but they are all very difficult to get invested in and it makes me think that most of the praise and love for them all comes from nostalgia. But maybe I'm missing something? Maybe I'm trying to play the wrong ones or I'm playing them for the wrong reasons?

I'm curious what everyone else thinks, is there anyone here who has never played these RPG's but was able to play them recently and have a good time through to the end? For veterans, is there something I should be doing to enjoy these games more, should I play a specific RPG over another because it holds up better? I'd just like to hear what other people think of these older games.

I can't get into Planescape Torment either, bro. I really want to and it seems really good but it's just so difficult to get drawn into it at this point -- old CRPG's haven't aged well.

Morrowind, on the other hand -- still hard to get into, but that's my shit.

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As someone who has played and loved both, this is totally the right choice. Sorry, Solaire -- you're not as grossly incandescent as Shepard.

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The occasional vandalism or theft won't be a problem for consumers. Amazon will obviously know the package never got to you and will send a replacement. I'm not really sure how I feel about this whole thing though...

Q: One day we'll see a fleet of Prime Air vehicles in the sky?

A: Yes. One day, Prime Air vehicles will be as normal as seeing mail trucks on the road today.

Is that supposed to sell me on the idea?

I know damn well how I feel about that idea.