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Yeah, there are choices that will drastically affect how things play out. They're not always super obvious.

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I've made a pact to not play anything until I finish Witcher (48 hours in!) but once I do, there's a bunch of stuff on my "shame list" or that I picked up on the Steam Sale. Next is to go back and finally finish Deus Ex HR, but after that, Telltale GoT, Life is Strange, Massive Chalice, The Banner Saga, and Pillars of Eternity.

I've also promised to play Divinity with the girlfriend, but a little worried about what'll do to our relationship...past attempts to play the game with my best friend have ended in, uh, tense moments (involving me continually doing stupid shit and getting instakilled and my friend rage-quitting repeatedly).

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BioShock Infinite, which is a bummer, but thankfully the small portion that was spoiled for me (Booker is Comstock) did nothing to spoil the tons of other crazy bullshit that happens at the end of that game.

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FEAR is up there, for sure. I'd also throw out Syndicate as a contender, actually. Maybe not the bass stuff, but goddamn the actual shooting and guns in that game felt great. I think Half Life 2 should get an obvious shout out here, too. The shotgun, the pulse gun, the gravity gun - all felt so goddamn amazing at the time. Hasn't aged the best, but fuckin' A it was incredible.

In terms of pure sound design, Battlefield is probably the pinnacle of melding good-feeling and great sounding guns. I'd have to say that, strangely enough, the best sounding weapons I've ever shot in a game is a mod replacing the sound effects of the guns in Fallout 3 and NV. LOUD AS FUCK. Yet unfortunately that does nothing to solve the gunplay feeling like a flaming pile of garbage. Win one fight, lose another.

also doom shotgun

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I bought a DK1 when they first came out, so I kind of was able to get the initial excitement out of my system. I'm still super amped and hope it all works great, but honestly, I'm going to end up waiting until I know that there's enough stuff for VR and that the format wars aren't a thing. If that's right when they come out, great. If that's a couple years from now, then I can wait.

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It's great.

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Rorie turned out surprisingly well.

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And, yeah, the Sand Snakes scene kind of sucked, but that one with the short hair was a cutie.

Dude, word.

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Kendrick, of course.

I like the Father John Misty album, but not often in the mood to listen to it, since most of my listening happens while running or at the gym.

When it was colder and super depressing I was bumping Earl, but it's a bit too dark for the days now.

Jenny Death is a gym staple, especially when I take too much preworkout and get noided.

Really digging on a few songs from the Welcome to Los Santos album they put out, KYSA is a running tune if there ever was one.

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I'm finally doing the same. I'm on Season 2 right now. I love it, I think it's one of the best shows I've ever seen - but at the same time, it definitely does not inspire "binging" or excitement in the same way that BB did or GoT does. It's just a slow burn, a portrait of the characters (and even more so, the city). I'm enjoying making my way through it at a leisurely pace, but if you're not feeling it in the first season it definitely doesn't really "pick up" and become an action serial in season 2, so it just might not be for you. That's totally cool, too! I feel that way about the Sopranos - just never clicked for me, whereas everyone describes it as one of the best shows of all time.

@cornbredx said:

There was one really good scene that I really liked (involving the two detectives investigating the crime scene where they had no evidence to go off of besides the pictures of the body). Watching that scene was actually really awesome. It felt like they studied and choreographed that scene to a T with professionals because it felt like watching someone who knows how to do something do it with a relative confidence that is always awesome to watch. It gave me the chills you get when you get to witness something like that. It was really good.

I came here to mention this scene in particular. All these years later and it still sticks out as one of the best ever. Plus there is only 1 word of dialogue between the 2 characters.

Also this show introduced me to Idris Elba which led me to BBCs Luther which Ill be forever grateful.

Yup, that's the scene that really sold me. One of the best scenes I can think of in television, it just encapsulates everything so perfectly.