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I always felt kind of uncomfortable about a film where the whole joke is that Americans (I'm an american myself) are going to assassinate the leader of another country (no matter how tyrannical that leader may be). I mean imagine if North Korea was releasing a film where silly North Korean comedians were sent on a mission to murder Obama? I'm all for freedom of speech, but this movie always felt a little off to me.

I dunno, I'm OK with comedies dealing with otherwise very serious political issues. I mean, Dr. Strangelove is about nuclear war which was a very real fear for people at the time.

Also, I would watch your hypothetical film with silly North Korean equivalents of Seth Rogen and James Franco.

I too would watch this North Korean film.

Also, however you may feel about the "serious political nature" of the film, I highly doubt we'd threaten a fucking terrorist attack against NK if they made a comedy about killing Obama.

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@infamousbig: I'm guessing you're not a Bombin the AM fan. Go back and watch earlier episodes from this year, he already went clean shaven this year. You might be able to see it in some GB East stuff too, but Alex's face is more prominent in Bombin the AM.

Thanks for the replies. I do listen to Bombin' most of the time but always as a podcast. Having seen the image posted by insidioustuna, I immediately regret my life choices.

Alex should most definitely keep the goat look goin'.

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I need to see what it would look like. I feel like he would look like an enormous baby. Or Brock Lesnar.

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I totally get that these things take time, but the fact that it's been six years since Fallout 3 came out and we haven't heard a single announcement makes me think that game is having a troubled development. Bethesda has never gone that long between installments *in the same series* without a release, let alone an announcement. Granted, we have the shift to new hardware, but given how early they announce their games, I can't see it coming out before, like, late 2015- early 2016.

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I despise Vivienne; just outright hate her character. Bad for her I guess but kudos to Bioware for making her so...polarizing. She just seems like a hypocrite to me. Between her and Sera, it's become a battle to see who annoys me more in that game.

That being said - Apparently they are both extremely powerful if built properly so, jokes on me I guess?

I usually just roll with Varric, Dorian and Blackwall these days...

Are you me?! Because we share identical relationships with our party members and roll around with the same party.

Vivienne is, as described by one of your other party members, "a bitch, and she knows it." Not sure where all the love comes from. Yeah, she's a strong female character, but so is Cassandra, and she's not a total asshole. It's not that I have a problem with strong female leads, I just have a problem with shitty people, and I feel like Vivienne is a hateful, annoying, rude person. Her gender and race doesn't matter, I would hate anyone who acts the way she does.

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Edit: Also:

“Do men focus on the penetrative act too much do you think?”

“I feel like that’s the only thing they’re good at,” Lacy says.


Yeah. Clearly the best way to fight ignorance is with ignorance. What a dumb fuckin' thing for her to say.

Goddamn, is it really so hard for people to just not say incendiary things and not be assholes? Doesn't matter who you're being an asshole to, just don't do it!

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I live in the southwest suburbs of Chicago and can't imagine leaving. People move away for weather and whatnot, but I like the people around here a whole lot.

Hearing stories of New Yorkers or people in California just makes me want to stick around.

Hey now. Just because I'm a native Californian who thinks the rest of the country is inferior doesn't mean you should think I'm an asshole!

New York actually does scare me, though. Not sure what the California stigma is? Too laid back? Vapid?

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Your post is too vague. You say there's no way to negotiate around the conflict, but did you make any attempt to? How much time in advance were you aware that this conflict existed? Quite a while, I'd imagine, as you should have known your final exam times when the semester started.

I don't know about you, but I went to the University of Texas at Austin from 09-13 and we literally didn't know our final exam days, hours, or locations until less than 2 weeks before the semester was over.

Same experience.

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We should just go with my P3 character name, in the tradition of Jeff and Vinny's: Bennie Hanake (a reference to Benihana, in case you weren't following).

And Nolan North.