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"It took me a FULL DAY to figure out how to jump into the lake that there are messages saying try jumping next to and the fucking npc literally does one thing and that's point at the lake and there's literally no other place to go, but clearly FromSoft are the idiots here."

For the record I had a lot of trouble with this fight too and I don't think it's one of the strongest in the game, but what I just said is a much more reasonable statement than claiming that FromSoft "don't understand videogame design."

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I took my controllers with me in my backpack across the country, and my container of creatine exploded and got all up inside the controllers and they're a little janky now. But I kind of only have myself to blame there.

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I didn't have too much trouble with her.

The three hunters at once in the unseen village, though? Can't even scratch them.

Wanna know a secret?

If you sprint through the church to the other side, where the weird chest/Nito looking things are, kill all of them so you have the area clear. Then lure the hunters out one at a time with pebbles/bullets and down the big steps in the direction of the next big boss fight. The other two will rubber band and you can take them out one at a time, which is a cakewalk since they're pretty damn easy individually.

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@armaan8014: Here's some unorganized pieces of advice that have helped me in production:

  • Film school is cool and all, but no one gives a fuck about your credentials if you don't have a solid reel. To get an even entry-level position you need to build a strong portfolio. I'm not sure how things work in India, but that's the case in the States at least. I would recommend you invest in a low-midgrade DSLR (T3i-5D range) which should be fine for film or a camcorder if you're looking to do TV. Get a good shotgun mic (about 100) and a low-end Tascam recorder, and a pair of studio headphones (don't skimp on sound). And obviously a (good!) fluid-head tripod. You can obviously go deep down the gear rabbit hole, but that's about all you need to film professional-looking stuff and will run you somewhere around 1200, if I have to throw an estimate out there without actually calculating prices. Don't know how shipping is on that stuff for international. And then just start filming. Anything. Dumb script ideas you have, interviews that you can nab (even non-film stuff will help build your reel), etc. You'll obviously start doing this a lot more once you get to film school, but having the drop on how to operate equipment prior to going will put you ahead of your peer group and will save you time down the line (when you'll need more of it).
  • If you have the time, take any kind of internship you can get. You want to be a director? Great, so does everybody else. ANY job that you can get within the industry will help you make connections and rub elbows with the people who will offer you jobs down the line.
  • Bollywood may not be the pinnacle of fine art, but you're not trying to be a writer, right? And you won't get a directing gig or even an AD gig right off of the bat. So your job isn't to make a grand statement or to make the next LOTR. Your job will be to make professional quality video, and any technical experience that you gain by doing any kind of film/TV job you can will help you learn the ropes so that when you DO get that opportunity to be the captain, so to speak, you know how everything works and can do so competently.
  • You might end up in a position that's not at all what you want to do - maybe you're an editor, or a camera operator, or a 1AC. Some solid advice that was given at this year's PAX production panel by Gamespot/GB was that even if you find yourself in that position, try to find a way to leave your own personal imprint on the project - do every job, even the ones you don't want to do, to the best of your ability and with the utmost professionalism and add a personal flourish. You don't like the way India handles its film/TV? If you get a job in the industry, impart your own personal touch (obviously not interfering with the directorial vision) to try to help change that and bring it in line with what you feel is quality.
  • Above all, work your ass off, try harder than your peers, and if it's really what you want to do, good things will come your way. Just stay humble and don't look down on any opportunity that you're offered. Maybe you're Orson Welles reborn, but no one knows that until you've proven yourself, so you don't really have a place to criticize others' work until you've put in the time yourself. Not saying that it isn't bad, just saying that it's probably made that way for a reason.
  • Last but not least, have a Plan B. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Have some other marketable skills that you can fall back on in case you hit a dry spell and can't find a job right after school. Certainly don't do anything drastic like moving out of the country unless you're absolutely sure that your decision is sustainable in the long term without guaranteed employment.

Hope some of these help you out, and best of luck.

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@mason20: Not sure if this is it, but the UPF with Paul Ryckert they played a game that sounds like what you're describing.

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@cubidog1 said:

@humanity said:

Man a lot of the Souls games come to mind. The absolute worst bosses are the ones that don't even flinch when you attack them, or ones where you need to jump up and attack when in mid-air.

None of the fights in DS 1 or 2 ever felt like this to me. Can't speak about Demon's Souls because I never played it myself.

Completely agree, and I'll attest for Demon's Souls, too. There are some fights that are real fuckers, don't get me wrong, but I never found them to be monotonous. Bed of Chaos, maybe? That's not particularly long-winded, though, just the monotony of running back there a million times cause of bad design.

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I hope somebody does. I really trust this site and know the editors, and I would love to know if it's something I should be taking a look at for my site. I don't really have the money to throw down to find out it's only okay.

I guess that's kind of fucking stupid to only review games after other reviews. That doesn't make any sense.

I gotta figure this video games writing shit out.

You know that if you have a site that gets any real traffic, you can request review codes from publishers, right?

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@meatball said:
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It is Brad's destiny.

holy hell that's a gem

Brad's hair and narration is gold, but I think the most egregious thing is the sound mix. Holy hell, turn the gameplay down!

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If you want "modern day" video game movies

I think that brings us to the larger point, which is that I don't think I do; I don't really see the appeal. I only hold out hope for TLoU because of Druckmann's (and possibly Maisie Williams') involvement.