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Yeah, I saw Machete alone. For obvious reasons.

Namely, why would you go see Machete in theaters?

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I tried playing the first game but just can't get into it (the engine reminds me too much of cRPG's that I love...I know that sounds weird, but whatever. Can totally tell it's like the Aurora Engine).

Love the second game, though that final boss is fucking impossible so I've never beat it but have played it 1.5 times.

Tried reading the first Witcher book. Got about halfway through, then dropped it. It's good, I just don't really have the patience for a lot of books. Unless it's Phillip K Dick.


You're good to go, duder.

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Well, I went on a date to the beach with this girl last week and it culminated with sex in a hot tub and her moving in with me.

So yeah....

Find a hot tub.

And sick abs.

If you can't find your own sick abs, perform a quick transplant from a willing Giantbomb donor. All regular Giantbomb posters have sick abs.

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Well, I went on a date to the beach with this girl last week and it culminated with sex in a hot tub and her moving in with me.

So yeah....

Find a hot tub.

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So I have very vague memories of playing this old game at a relative's house. This was before I owned any consoles besides a shitty old Windows 95 Pentium PC (those were the days) and the only games I had were like Riven and Myst. This game must have come out about 10 years ago and I played it on their old PC when I was staying over at their house. They definitely weren't gamers (they're pretty computer illiterate) and I was just in the Games section of Windows, if I remember correctly. Pretty sure this was close to the launch of XP... again, I apologize, memory is extremely vague. What I remember is that it was like a Wipeout-style racing game, where you're racing futuristic vehicles (although I don't seem to recall them being Wipeout style ships) in futuristic-urban style tracks with techno music in a "electronic" Wipeout style looking setting. I seem to remember something about the ships/cars looking like discs? Jesus, it's been a while. I seem to only recall there being like one track. Maybe it was a demo.

I know they didn't custom build a PC so I think it was like a Gateway or HP. Maybe it was preloaded software? Anyway, thanks in advance, if you have any suggestions or help. I'll do my best to answer any questions but it's like a distant dream now, hard to recall.

In other nostalgic news, I managed to ID this gem:

This was the shit.

Thanks for the help, this is going to drive me crazy!

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Hear me out. You start the new game as Desmond (very, very briefly) , with the early twist being that you are someone in the Animus reliving Desmond's experiences as an assassin. You then do all sorts of neat future assassin stuff.

That's the premise of the next generation graphical updates. You play as a guy reliving Desmonds reliving of all his ancestors.

Oh, so you mean like a dream within a dream?

That's novel.

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Straight to DVD choose your own adventure in the style of Thayer's Quest.

This is Half Life 2: Episode 3, gentlemen.

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I REALLY need help on Chain Reaction and Lighting the Fuse...

I can see what I need to do on Chain Reaction but I guess there's a faster way with less math? And Lighting the Fuse I have literally no idea what to do, I'm just slamming my head against a wall.

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Drink a bottle of water, then have a dip and use the bottle as a spitter.

Gotta hydrate.