Well that was a good start.

What a great first quarter of the year, I have never purchased as many new releases as I have this year. I can use these few weeks after God of War III to finally kick back and catch up, but with Conviction and SSFIV and this and that coming out, I really don't believe I have enough time!

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2010, Best Year Ever? Part 01

      About time I began sticking to my word and chronicling my game time spent in the year 2010. As a reminder, these are the games I played and my experience with them, so I will not be covering games based on release date and only games I have played. Also, before it seems I'm pimping out the PS3, my 360 has been on the fritz until recently, but more on that later. So enough of this banter and to the point...
     I started this year off with quite the nice introduction to what lies ahead with Darksiders (PS3) and Bayonetta (PS3). I loaded up Darksiders, which I still have to beat,  with the impression that it was going to be my standard action/adventure title a'la God of War. See. I had this great plan in my head with God of War clones, January is Darksiders, February will be Dante's Inferno, both leading up to the pinnacle of God of War clones, God of War 3!  I could not have been more caught off guard or happier when it came to be that Darksiders was not, in fact, a God of War clone, but a Legend of Zelda clone! Ocarina of Time is close to being my favorite game to date, and seeing it recreated by Vigil, and twisted into this dark and brutal setting was probably the best way to refresh my palette.  Though Darksiders is unashamedly borrowing from many different games, Vigil does it best by taking all the good and leaving the bad. Last about this game, or this adventure genre all together, clicking the right stick to go into a third person shooter aiming mode should for now and for every game after this be implemented as much as pressing A or X to jump. Looking forward to finishing it.        
     Wow, Bayonetta, how weird my feelings are for you. I started up the game amped to satiate my DMC hunger, only to be disappointed, and I have no idea why! Bayonetta is identical to Dante's demon romp series. Could it be the lame still frame cut-scenes? The combat was smooth and fun. Maybe it could be that Bayonetta's hypersexuality came off lame and untasteful to me. But maybe I just have not given her the chance, so I stuck with it. I'll tell you what, the more I played through this Heaven VS Hell adventure, the more I began to love it! Maybe it was the incredible this-is-too-cool-to-not-be-the-last-boss boss battles, or maybe it was the brutal and varied ways I was decimating foes. Either way I finished Bayonetta satisfied and very entertained, but oh how much I miss my Dante, hell even Nero.
     SO went my first week of major 2010 gaming. I also hammered hours on Modern Warfare 2, but who hasn't. 'm looking forward to feed back and definitely want to hear your stories so until next time, Later Duders

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2010, best year ever?

     This year's first quarter is as exhausting as the last ten's releases combined. With a slew of huge releases coming out every two weeks, I am trying my damndest to keep up with everything, because I feel a quantity of quality as this should never be missed. Now seeing as I'm a hopeful future video game journalist, I felt a great form of practice would be to lightly document my adventure through what could possibly the greatest year of video games I've seen in my twenty years of living.
     I will not be extensively reviewing these games, as I feel that would be more than redundant seeing as this site has that well covered, I am just hoping somebody out there will find interest in a young guy's "Christmas morning" glee. I will start each short blog off with the same title as this, to make each log easy to sort out. 
     So I guess if you have trudged this far you are willing to read a little more, so please let me know if you are interested in following me, thanks for joining me and wish me luck going through a whole year's worth of blockbusters... hopefully clear of block-breakers.
                                                                                                                              - Infamous


What I should have done long ago...

I am taking advantage of the end-of-the-year drought to catch up on MY game of the year candidates that I have up til now missed. Today I finally started playing some Uncharted 2, fantastic game, and still need to pick up AC II and MW II. Damned sequels!!!

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