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Toss up between the world of Okami and the Citadel.

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Deathstroke and Flash look like good brawlers and I'm at my fighting game best up close and all out

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@morbid_coffee: hey thanks man

Besides that though, the demo has me much more hyped, even though I was already pretty excited.

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I might be missing something but I have been unable to perform any level transitions, environment attacks are as simple as a shoulder button but anyone else have an issue with the transitions?

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Don't know if this was mentioned but Sega classic Bonanza Bros. is a great classic heist game. As far as I know the first cover based shooter too.

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Similar to you, I actually did not think I liked strategy games, but after being recently addicted to Civilization Revolution, I decided to give the most renowned strategy game a try. I cannot remember being so addicted to a game like this, especially 12 years after it's release. I will never touch multiplayer but it seems strong enough as a single player game. I feel as if Ive seen for the first time!

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My first game was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES game. Also was the first game I ever beat... why does everyone think that the dam level is so hard?

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Like it's been stated before, I love the art style, but mostly how each character plays in such a unique way and still stays, from what I have seen, balanced is quite an achievement for a game deserving much more praise than it is recieving.

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"Im Made of Wax Larry" by A Day to Remember is a funny/awesome ass video

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Just picked up that lightning spell and you are right my friend! It rocks.