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Here's my quick takes on two games you were possibly looking into...

I enjoyed Ys: Memories of Celceta. Lengthy but enjoyable adventure to explore in the game. Gameplay is pretty simple but fun to play throughout. Lots of content to dig though (items/weapons/accessories, side quests, seeking memories). Graphics look a bit poor (being a PSP port I think) and the game does suffer through slowdown when you're battling tons of enemies at once.

I'm currently going through Demon Gaze and I would only suggest this game if you're a big dungeon crawler fan. The game is pretty unforgiving with random encounters, tons of common enemies to fight at times, boss fights, and constantly paying rent return back to the inn. There's also a few very creepy fan service scenes in as well.

Hope this helps a bit.

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There's still a ton of LPs that are already released this year that I still want to get to. For now, here my crop of favorite LPs so far this year.

  • Real Estate - Atlas
  • Cloud Nothings - Here and Nothing Else
  • Wild Beasts - Present Tense
  • Swans - To Be Kind
  • Woods - With Light and With Love
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Confirming my entry this week. Hopefully I'll be able to get all my matches done for this week. Available maybe Thursday evening, but most likely Friday late afternoon/evening and Sunday afternoon. I fight the best that I can, though I expect to be pretty bad being away from the weekly in quite some time.

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I currently own a Wii U and been playing on it more often this year with DKC: Tropical Freeze and Mario Kart 8, and probably will on it more often later this year with Bayonetta 2, Smash, and others.

I'll end up getting a PS4 and XB1 down the road, not convinced to immediately get either of them at this time.

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I'll be entering the weekly for this week. I'll probably be available for parts of Friday (got the day off) and Sunday afternoon if need be.

I'll have to pass up the upcoming weekly since that'll be held starting next week, which I am unavailable. I'll be able to join in the week after (week-of June 30) as I'll have a holiday during that week.

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@jiggajoe14: Hey, I was the duder that raced you tonight. Good races!

I'll do my best to participate whenever I can. My Nintendo ID is RuriKidA if anyone wants to add me.

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I'll be competing this week. (And finish last.)

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Langhorne, PA, USA

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An FYI that I will be not be participating for this week and the next two weeks. A mixture of an upcoming hectic work schedule, a work project that I plan bring home to work on, and wanting to take a breather from playing FGs for a bit. I'll continue to update the standings spreadsheet once the final results of the upcoming weekly tournaments are complete and available. I'll definitely be back into the foray on the week of May 19th.

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My Limited Edition copy arrived in the mail today. Etrian Odyssey 4 was my gateway with dungeon crawlers last year and hope Demon Gaze mostly has similar gameplay elements as EO. It seemed like it when I was screenshots and trailers for it.