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Madden 2004(?) on the PS2. (I think 2004 was the first Madden game to go online.)

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Rated R is my personal favorite, but the rest of their discography are great as well! Awesome band!

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A good amount so far, at least my brother's plowing through 'em. I still have yet to dig deep. At least this summer looks pretty thin in big releases, so hopefully I'll finish some of these games.

BlazBlue CSE, FF XIII-2, Journey, SMT: DS2, SFxT, SSX, Twisted Metal, Xenoblade Chronicles

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Xenoblade Chronicles was my top anticipated game coming into this year, so that would be my choice.

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Listening to music, watching sports, and reading books.

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Answer B pretty much answers my feelings working at my current job at the moment. I don't mind it, but I would love to work somewhere where I'm doing something much closer to the major I graduated with from college (accounting).

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Older Favorites: Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario, Jet Set Radio, Skies of Arcadia, Ico, Sly Cooper 2

Recent Favorites: Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake, Radiant Historia, Ghost Trick

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Pre-ordered last week, first time I pre-ordered a game. I was going to chance it on Friday but a friend talked me into reserving a copy.

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Damon Albarn (Blur/Gorillaz), Chan Marshall (Cat Power) and Nina Nastasia are a few vocalists that stood out to me.

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Some tracks I've been enjoying that kinda has a Spring feel to me.