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I'll sign up, but I apologize in advance if I miss my matches during the week. See how it goes.

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  1. F-Zero
  2. Burnout 3
  3. Forza Motorsport 3
  4. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010)
  5. Mario Kart DS
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Great job with the video!

I wrote about my experience at Otakon 2013 here. I had a ton of fun there! I was really surprised on the quality of cosplay as well as the bubbling amount of enthusiasm the attendees had there. I'd love to attend Otakon again if I'm able.

I'd like to attend a video game convention soon. Hopefully.

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I'll echo a few other duders's advice to avoid unpaid internships if you can.

I interned as a billing assistant for an engineering consultant firm (mostly reviewing pre-invoices with construction project managers, data management, some admin stuff like copying, filing, and reporting) right after I graduated from college. They liked me so much they hired me at the end of my internship. I'm still working at the same place though I am looking around for a new job.

Good luck at your internship!

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Thanks @Rorie! Got my order in.

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Finished Gravity Rush on Sunday.

Started Dragon's Crown yesterday, so I'll be busy with that along with some runs on Spelunky and Bravely Default once it's released on Friday.

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The Last Blade 1 & 2 - One of SNK's lesser known (but still awesome) 2D fighters. A spin-off of sorts from Samurai Shodown.

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Great blog as always! I really wanted to go to NEC but my brother didn't want to go after our disappointing experience at Summer Jam. I'll be cheering on for a friend who always goes to Big E's major tournaments at Philly. Hopefully I'll be able to attend Winter Brawl in a few months.

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I'm definitely going to get all three ASW games whenever they get here. As for which one I'm most excited for? Very tough to choose, but I'll give the slight edge to Guilty Gear Xrd. Even though it's the game I'm the worst in, I love the eccentric cast of characters (BEDMAN!) and that almost everything in the GG universe involves music.

I give P4A a ton of credit in getting me interested in fighting games and appreciating the genre overall. I also love that it's fighting mechanics are much easier to pick up and execute and that I was able to slowly build upon what I've learned. I'm very excited for P4A2 with the numerous changes to the current P4A cast, shadow mode, and more characters (Yukari, Junpei, Sho).

BB:CP was fun when one of my brother's friends was over my house one weekend with an imported copy. I love that the pace in CP has increased tremendously, which helps it become a bit more fun game to not only play, but to watch as well. BB's also the game out of the ASW FGs I play best with the fight stick at the moment, for some strange reason. But it's still the least exciting out of ASW's group to me.

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Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold (or Persona 4 Arena 2) out in Japanese arcades November 28. [via Dustloop]