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:( RIP Lou Reed. Thanks for all the great music you produced!

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Purchased this game (along with Rune Factory 4) this weekend. Plan to start this as soon as I wrap up SMT IV. Really loved EO4 (my favorite game of this year so far) and hoping to get a similar experience here in EOU.

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I'll do my best to make my matches. I apologize if I am unable to make it on some nights.

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@psylah said:

Where is Bridget.

Same here! I hope he and Baiken make in Xrd. And yeah, this game's already looking pretty great. Can't wait!

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@davidwitten22: A sequel has been announce in "Persona 4 Arena: Climax." There was a recent arcade location test held in Japan this past weekend. Here's a summary of some information on the new game mechanics and changes made to the current cast of characters. Sounds like P4A:C will come as a new retail game once it moves to the consoles, though it's still early to say.


I still play P4A a little bit here and there, so I'm down if someone can get it organized for the PS3. I'll help out if need be.

I wish I can get a bit better in this game, but work and life stress has gotten me pretty good this year.

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I'll help out, hopefully we can get the 360 side going. I'll be available around 8PM EST to join.

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@mikefightnight: Thanks Mike! And yeah, MarlinPie entered GG. He played Order Sol the only time I saw him play.

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Shoryuken has provided a nice summary of what's been reported so far with P4A: Climax.


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@zeik said:

I wonder if the "shadow" versions include Shadow Labrys? Are we going to get Shadow Shadow Labrys?!

Nope. No Shadow version of Shadow Labrys. <-- providing info

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Some early info provided by stunedge through his twitter...

Each character has two version: Normal and Shadow. Shadow characters have no burst but have access to something called "Shadow Fury".

Yu can no longer do Sweep xx 5D

Akihiko Cyclone goes up to 5 now.

Kanji's 5C paralyzes the opp

Yukiko has a new move and a new super which is lv6 only (wtf)

Characters have different amounts of persona cards, Akihiko has 2, Yukiko 5, Yukari has 4 and Elizabeth has 7!!