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Purchased this game (along with Rune Factory 4) this weekend. Plan to start this as soon as I wrap up SMT IV. Really loved EO4 (my favorite game of this year so far) and hoping to get a similar experience here in EOU.

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I'll do my best to make my matches. I apologize if I am unable to make it on some nights.

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@psylah said:

Where is Bridget.

Same here! I hope he and Baiken make in Xrd. And yeah, this game's already looking pretty great. Can't wait!

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@davidwitten22: A sequel has been announce in "Persona 4 Arena: Climax." There was a recent arcade location test held in Japan this past weekend. Here's a summary of some information on the new game mechanics and changes made to the current cast of characters. Sounds like P4A:C will come as a new retail game once it moves to the consoles, though it's still early to say.


I still play P4A a little bit here and there, so I'm down if someone can get it organized for the PS3. I'll help out if need be.

I wish I can get a bit better in this game, but work and life stress has gotten me pretty good this year.

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I'll help out, hopefully we can get the 360 side going. I'll be available around 8PM EST to join.

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@mikefightnight: Thanks Mike! And yeah, MarlinPie entered GG. He played Order Sol the only time I saw him play.

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Shoryuken has provided a nice summary of what's been reported so far with P4A: Climax.


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@zeik said:

I wonder if the "shadow" versions include Shadow Labrys? Are we going to get Shadow Shadow Labrys?!

Nope. No Shadow version of Shadow Labrys. <-- providing info

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Some early info provided by stunedge through his twitter...

Each character has two version: Normal and Shadow. Shadow characters have no burst but have access to something called "Shadow Fury".

Yu can no longer do Sweep xx 5D

Akihiko Cyclone goes up to 5 now.

Kanji's 5C paralyzes the opp

Yukiko has a new move and a new super which is lv6 only (wtf)

Characters have different amounts of persona cards, Akihiko has 2, Yukiko 5, Yukari has 4 and Elizabeth has 7!!

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Color me surprised, but I'm glad to hear P4A's getting an update/sequel. I'm interested to see how Yukari and Junpei play, as well as the adjustments made to the current P4A cast.

And wow, ASW is pulling out all the stops with this, BB: CP and GG: Xrd. Good for them.