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Shoryuken has provided a nice summary of what's been reported so far with P4A: Climax.


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@zeik said:

I wonder if the "shadow" versions include Shadow Labrys? Are we going to get Shadow Shadow Labrys?!

Nope. No Shadow version of Shadow Labrys. <-- providing info

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Some early info provided by stunedge through his twitter...

Each character has two version: Normal and Shadow. Shadow characters have no burst but have access to something called "Shadow Fury".

Yu can no longer do Sweep xx 5D

Akihiko Cyclone goes up to 5 now.

Kanji's 5C paralyzes the opp

Yukiko has a new move and a new super which is lv6 only (wtf)

Characters have different amounts of persona cards, Akihiko has 2, Yukiko 5, Yukari has 4 and Elizabeth has 7!!

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Color me surprised, but I'm glad to hear P4A's getting an update/sequel. I'm interested to see how Yukari and Junpei play, as well as the adjustments made to the current P4A cast.

And wow, ASW is pulling out all the stops with this, BB: CP and GG: Xrd. Good for them.

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Mike's Casual Session is live. We are planning to play a variety of games tonight. If there's a game you'd like to play, join us at MikeFightNight's twitch channel and vouch for which fighting game you'd like to play!

We currently have the following games planned: Street Fighter IV AE 2012, Persona 4 Arena, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend, and Arcana Heart 3.

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@mikefightnight: Thanks Mike. I know you're helping me out and I definitely appreciate that. I have been reading up on that Dustloop wiki page and while I have picked up on some things, but I'm not exactly soaking up the information as quickly as I used to be. I'll do my best to return back to slowly add things little by little. To me, it's like trying to quickly study for an exam and once I have the exam in front of me, I blank out.

I do want to get better, but that only comes with more time in the lab, reading/watching to gather more information, and battling folks like you to implement what I learned and adapt. I know it's not easy. I guess... it's just tough when I'm bouncing around playing different games and also dealing with work and whatever else life throws at you. I'm definitely having fun with these sessions and it's one of the few things keeping me sane and happy from what's been a stressful year for me.

I also would be playing a bit better if I was playing on a pad instead of on a fight stick. But I don't want to leave my fight stick as a heavy paper weight as I received it as a birthday gift from my brother this year. It seems like I'm getting better at using though there are many things I still struggle at while using a fight stick.

Again, thanks Mike. I'll do what I can to learn, practice, and execute. And also... try to relax more too. I've been on edge way too much.

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I felt like I went through a gauntlet this past week in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend.

  • MikeFightNight - Valkenhayn
  • IrreleventJohn - Jin / Platinum
  • Mace - Noel
  • Ghost249 - Noel / Lambda-11
  • FluxWaveZ - Mu-12
  • MeganeAgain - Ragna
  • Ace / Petiew - Tsubaki
  • Gravitypenguin - Rachel et al.

Good games all! Thanks for putting up with my Makoto. Still doing what I can despite losing a ton.

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Managed to find these two screenshots from Famitsu (via Dustloop forums) on BB:CP. This shot looks like the 64 player lobby, while this one looks like the room once the players meet(?).

Good games to Megane, Mace, John, and Ace last night. Hopefully I can improve upon my Makoto play... but not sure if I can put forth the time and energy to get some good training done. [Also playing PxZ and recently purchased SMT IV doesn't help either.]

Anyways, looking forward to the next session!

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Nice tribute to Ryan on the stream last night Mike. Love that you showed the two MK TANGs while you, Buttenator, and Dolphin were playing MK9.

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Thank you for all of your wonderful contributions Ryan, both back at Gamespot and here on this wonderful websbite about video games! You'll be sorely missed. Rest in peace. Condolences to all of his family and friends.

I wish I could muster up better words than this from my cubicle here at work...