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Managed to find these two screenshots from Famitsu (via Dustloop forums) on BB:CP. This shot looks like the 64 player lobby, while this one looks like the room once the players meet(?).

Good games to Megane, Mace, John, and Ace last night. Hopefully I can improve upon my Makoto play... but not sure if I can put forth the time and energy to get some good training done. [Also playing PxZ and recently purchased SMT IV doesn't help either.]

Anyways, looking forward to the next session!

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Nice tribute to Ryan on the stream last night Mike. Love that you showed the two MK TANGs while you, Buttenator, and Dolphin were playing MK9.

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Thank you for all of your wonderful contributions Ryan, both back at Gamespot and here on this wonderful websbite about video games! You'll be sorely missed. Rest in peace. Condolences to all of his family and friends.

I wish I could muster up better words than this from my cubicle here at work...

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Awesome blog as always FLStyle! I'm glad to see P4A get that many entrants for EVO, hopefully it'll have an exciting Top 8. I hope to catch the tail end of the Top 8 of P4A by the time I get home from work on that day. Definitely will catch most of the weekend action.

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Good games to all who I fought in VF5FS last night! I had fun though I only won one match, which happened to be my final match. Stinks that I couldn't stick around longer.

It's awesome that these casual fight nights has some legs going for it now. I'll see if I can keep up with the upcoming sessions.

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VF5FS sounds fun for the next session. Nice to mix it up with a 3D fighter. I'll only be on until 11PM-ish EST if you plan to do a session tonight. I can be on longer tomorrow night since Thursday's a holiday.

Great job with the replays dolphin!

Good games to Mike, Mace, dolphin, and the other person for that insane Arcana Heart 3 session Friday night! I had a lot of fun despite going 3-14. Hopefully I'll get better not only with AH3, but also using the fight stick I've been playing with in some sessions.

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  • Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork
  • Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
  • Eluvium - Nightmare Ending
  • My Bloody Valentine - mbv
  • David Lang (no relation to Iron Galaxy's Dave Lang) - Death Speaks
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Oh wow, you guys actually played AH3 last night? I'll have to check the archive for that. I'll join in next time you guys plan to have another AH3 session.

GGs to those who I played with in P4A last night!

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I'm surprised I managed to play some games that were released in NA this year. Out of the 2013 games I played, the two stand outs to me so far are Etrian Odyssey IV (which I voted) and Fire Emblem. Still got a couple of other 2013 games that I've yet to get to.

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GGs to all last night! Megane, you got a pretty darn good Labrys in P4A. [DAT RED AXE!] Stinks that PSN was acting up a bit last night.

At least these sessions have been a nice distraction for me, since work has gotten me all stressed out this year. (I haven't been in the best of moods for most of the year honestly.) I'll see if I can keep up the good fight if I can.