Ludum Dare 18 : 48 hours to make a game from scratch

Ludum Dare is a competition where you have 48 hours to make a game from scratch solo. Code & Assets. It was pretty fun, it's nice to be able to jump between different aspects of game development, so if you're burnt out on coding you can do sounds or art.  You vote on a theme then the winning theme is announced at the start of the competition. The theme this time was "enemies as weapons".
As of this post, there has been 188 games submitted.  Here's a list of all the entries with thumbnails and  screenshots:
Here's my submission :
ludum dare page:
direct link to game:
Also I made a timelapse that took a screenshot of my desktop each min of the development, turned out pretty cool.



Small game I did on XNA, it should technically work on the XBOX360. 
Anyways it was great coding practice and really helped me learn how games work,. Look forward to making my own games in the future.  
Here is a gameplay video:


Mini-Tour of SuperPotato Akiba

 Super Potato is a 3 floor game store in Akiba which carries what seems like every game system and game imaginable.  I was told by a friend who knew I was a gamer about this place.   I was not disappointed, I only wish i had more time to look around, not only was the selection insane (there were consoles I've never seen before), the prices were great. They had little packs of 9 GB games for 150Y which roughly converted is 1.50$. Check the last image to see what I brought home. I spent about 200$, 50% of that 200$ was on the ps3 games at the top though.

They even have a new combo NES/SNES console which I've heard is legal because the patent has run out.  I'm not sure if that's true, but I'll be coming back for one. 
There are lots of other similar game and electronics stores like this in Akiba, this was the only one I had time to check out. I look forward to going back to Akiba with more $$ and luggage space :)
Anyways without further ado here is the tour, I labeled the captions so hopefully that helps.
EDIT: Hmm the captions arent showing up when I view so here's a shortlist:
1) my swag
2) one of the many aisles
3) another aisle, they go on
4) entrance to the store
5) one of the many kiosks
6) Solid Snake works weekends
7) the throne of game cartridges