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First time I'm hearing of this Chicago news - bummer. This Klepdog is bringing me back up, though. Thanks man.

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Nah, man, everyone enjoys their video games for a different reason.

I for one love RPGs for how incredibly long they can be. In a world dominated by <10 hour shooter campaigns, it feels nice to (for example) start enjoying Mass Effect 2 for the first time and know that I'm gonna be playing this for a while. All an RPG needs to do is be interesting and keep pulling me in (which, admittedly, isn't too difficult), and I'm sold. Space Racism is always a plus.

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I've messed around with it - it's interesting, but not far along enough (for me at least) in the support area for me to start using it seriously. I switched back to Linux (Mint 12!) after a couple days.

I'll probably upgrade once it proves to me that it's better than Windows 7 for gaming, which is the only instance I'd use Windows OS in the first place. And Windows 7 has been hella good, so I might be waiting a while. And that's fine.

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Gamepad for more action-y type games, Mouse for more precise games.

For an FPS, I'll gravitate to whatever system my friends are playing on, and learn the game accordingly

I'll default to a gamepad only because the 360 controller feels more comfortable in my hands than a mouse/keyboard - I spend so much of my time typing that to spend more time on it gets to me after a while. Variety!

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I've mainly come to the site for the videos/Bombcast, so the fact that there wasn't much news-y type stuff didn't really get to me - I had better sources for that, anyway. But I do like the original content Patrick brought to the site when he came on, and I think the fact that he focuses mainly on stuff that isn't covered by the 'big' sites adds to GB as a whole. GB still isn't a source for video game 'news', per se, but Patrick's additions are very welcome. I like his words.

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I have various levels of writing - daily journal that gets filtered to a blog that's supplemented with opinionated nonsense, plus some creative prose pieces that pass the time until school lets out.

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I mean, if GB did less video, a video review would make more sense. But the crew writes well enough and does enough coverage with their QLs and whatnot that it doesn't often make sense to do a video review.

Plus, videos reviews take a ton more time and production to make than a text review supplemented by images. So there's that.

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Big bang theory and Community both air at the same time tomorrow. Which do I watch live, and which do I delegate to Hulu?

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Interesting move. I'd like to see what Microsoft plans to do with games in windows 8.

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