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Everybody ignore my first message. Somebody trolled on my logged in computer in my game dev office, took a bunch of sources from other sources, and pieced them together into one cuz he got bored of doing brute force that all of us have been doing on our break. :P

So yeah, it really is just an eight button code. I asked Phil Fish's programmer. And those square things were originally meant to be secret QR codes, but now they're just easter eggs that go along with those Tome Haikus. Nothing more.

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I finally figured out how to beat the monolith room and i did. You know how there are symbols on certain grounds where there are squares inside squares, and that on the monolith room floor there is the two-square/infinity symbol, one with zero in the middle, one with #1? Well, if you translate the tome correctly, it gives you haikus that tease and hint at where you can find the single square, the square within one square, square within two squares....up til 8 square symbol. If you stand on these symbols directly in the middle square of each and press RT four times in them, and all of them in order from 1-8, you hear a sound. then all you have to do is stand on the ONE symbol in the monolith room and do the same RT four times. Monolith will turn into red cube. Here are the locations of the square symbols on the ground. Must be in New Game+ and in first person mode to see. 1. Starting Village top. 2. At the top of the arch like island off of the first warp area. This island was used for one of the treasure maps. 3. On top of bell tower. 4. I forgot... 5. Prehistoric village. 6. Crying waterfall island. 7. "future" village (four cube door). 8. industrial zu nu zone. (8 cube door)

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@Aishan: Thanks!! really helped a lot. Do you happen to know how to get the chest that is too far to jump across to get in one of the first areas. The one where the treasure map shows a red block that is invisible? And the chest in the cave area that you have to look up to see. How do I get to it?

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@Geveeso: There are no "final" puzzles since all puzzles can be completed in any order. Specify which ones and we can help.

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@Aishan: which house in the village?

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I found three of the real owls needed to get the anticube and open the secret door in the graveyard world. Throughout the game, there are four owls perched on trees in the levels. if you go up and press B next to them, they will fly away and you'll be able to see them at the owl statue that follows you in the graveyard. Get all four to get an anitcube and unlock the secret door there. There is one in the tall tree with bouncing mushrooms, one in the first warp zone hub, and one near the windmill. Anybody know where the last one is?

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@CptDanger: I almost figured it out. You need the skull artifact and have to use it in the steam room in Fez's home town. there are many clues there about these shrines.

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In the area with the giant waterfall hiding a door, there is a block on a ledge that has the same long tetris code used on a door in that same area, the classroom in the tokyo-esque area, and also in the sky world where there is a statue that lights up in certain tetris shapes depending on what buttons you press. I figured out which buttons make which shapes, but it is still unclear exactly where or what on you are supposed to do the button sequence. Anybody help will be greatly rewarded as I have puzzle solutions to other anticube locations.