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 @Franstone said:

7. I was pretty damn popular as well and cool w/ just about everyone.

8. I had two 5 year long relationships (with GIRLS!) 

 fyi this made me laugh harder than just about anything else in this thread.
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no.  hate, hate, hate dance. 

i was forced into classical ballet as a child and it was an exercise in torture.  

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i have done this.  i've pretended to be a prepubescent boy.  this strategy nets me half a hundred "FAGGOT"s and kicked out of the game.

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just once, but i've only had it for two years.  froze, then RROD'd during a netflix episode of archer.  yelled at microsoft support until they agreed to repair it for free.

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um, nearly every multiplayer co-op session of borderlands i have ever joined.  if my mic's off, the host will make fun of my gamertag and kick me unceremoniously.  if my mic's on, i either get harassed for being female, or else bombarded with PMs (guys seriously send me pictures of their acne-scarred 17 year old faces.  why?).

once, i played for a while with two guys in their late twenties, coworkers finishing up a stretch of gameplay.  they were friendly, respectful, and i was pretty relieved to have come across co-op buddies who weren't teenagers.  shortly after the host ended the game, claiming he had to get to bed early, he requested a voice chat with me.  thinking he wanted to coordinate a future gaming date/time, i accepted.  he asked me what i looked like.  when i told him it wasn't relevant, he started interrogating me for my measurements. 

"are you pretty?" he asked.


"i don't feel comfortable answering that."

he then proceeded to describe himself, physically, and asked me if any of it interested me.  i told him no, that i wasn't down to  acquire e-dates via xbox.

"i'm just here to game, dude," i explained.

"yeah right, you seem like you're the kind of girl who wants a good time," he countered.

uh, good time playing borderlands.  not flirting with a creepster via my shitty headset.  and i don't know what about me discussing the fire rate of my hellfire smg or how awesome mass effect 2 was qualifies as trolling for an internet boyfriend.  secondly, telling a girl that she "seems" like she "wants a good time" is a defense commonly invoked by rapists.  if i engaged in the same kind of unnervingly aggressive, creepy behavior with some boy 7 years my junior via xbox live, i'd probably get arrested.

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tell me i'm not the only person who high-fived my monitor.

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@KinjiroSSD said:
" This sums up the idiocy of the internet pretty conclusively. I'll tell you one thing. Women would think this thread is dehumanizing.  "

true fact.

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@TwoOneFive said:
" she stole your eyebrows?! "
i laughed.
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on my first day of sixth grade, a boy named kiki told me that my face was so flat it looked like i had run into a brick wall repeatedly.  he also added that i was the ugliest girl in the world.


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@yakov456 said:

" If it's not negative I would just say deal with it. Not to be blunt but if it's the south I would imagine certain areas are not used to seeing people from that part of the world. Here in the northeast people don't give my Japanese gf a second look let alone ask her questions about her nationality. I would say if it bothers you that much, move when(if) you are old enough. "

i could hardly discard my job and grad school because some people in texas are annoying curious about minorities.  it's just a thing that happens.  it's irritating because it seems like the only thing people know how to start a conversation with me about, but i'm not pearl-clutchingly shocked and upset about it.  just wanted to share the ridiculousness that is "KONNICHIWAA!~~!!"

and like i said, most of it happens on the job due to the age of the patients i encounter.  i remember one time, as i was taking a patient's blood pressure, i explained that i was not chinese (she asked).  when i told her that i was born and raised in mongolia, she looked at me coldly and said, "well what are you doing HERE, then?"

on the other end of the spectrum, also while i was in the exam room, a very sweet woman and her husband asked me if i was born in america.  when i said no, she patted me consolingly on the hand and said, "well if it makes you feel better, your english is very good!"  thanks lady.

@FlyingRat said:

" That's kinda messed up. Specifically the first girl. Christ, man. Who would think it'd be a good idea to do that? "

the thing that totally killed me is that right as i said, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME" in response, my mom smiled at her and said "ohayo gozaimasu!"  it was a phrase she picked up from flights on japan airlines.  it was also like, 7 pm.