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@German680 said:
"Just cause 2 is it a beautiful world or isnt (sic) it, I have two videos here displaying the most beautiful parts of Just cause 2. It is up too (sic) you too (sic) decide weather (sic)  it is or inst (sic) please comment on why or why not.

I will go as fare (sic) as saying that it is the best open world game out atm, Waiting too (sic) see what red dead redemption will be like, But Just cause 2 is fare (sic) superior too (sic) GTA IV or any previous GTA games."

Damn, dude. 
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Recent monthly comic favorites: 
Criminal by Brubaker and Phillips
Weird World of Jack Staff by Paul Grist
BPRD by Arcudi and Davis
Beasts of Burden by Dorkin and Thompson
Punisher: Frankencastle by Remender and Moore
King City by Brandan Graham

I just picked up the Invincible Iron Man and Gotham Central hardcovers on a whim and am really enjoying them both.
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@Funzzo said:
whats with the whole Lil thing? Is he a little person? I don't get it. "
Just judging from the embedded video:   He is such a little person that he can't buy pants that fit him.
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