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@ZanzibarBreeze: Do you really believe MGS4 doesn't have good graphics? For consoles? I really don't understand how anyone could look at MGS4 and go "meh, looks pretty bad".
And the sound design is great. When you're fighting laughing octopus and you hear the windows break it sound extremely tense and realistic.
Edit: You do know partially why MGS4 looks so good is the upscaling 768p thing, right?
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We can at least all agree that MGS4 has a great soundtrack, has great sound design, and has great graphics, right?

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I spent 15ish minutes making a post about how retarded some of the things said in this thread were, then I deleted it, because I imagined how painful it would be to get into an argument with one of you people.
Seriously. Jesus Fucking Christ.

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It's about 1 AM. I know they are moving so I don't blame them for no bombcast, but I need rest.

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@Newjack said:
" I get a real Half- Life 2 vibe from parts of Children of Men. "
Probably from the religious overtones and desire to keep hope alive through the survival of a symbol. In the case of Half-Life 2, it'd be Gordon, and in Children of Men it'd be the child of the pregnant woman.
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@HandsomeDead said:

" @Zidd said:

" People who play Super Smash Bros. like Street Fighter are intolerable. "

I remember my friend saying he'd mastered Melee and during a 4 player game, he won by one life while I was just goofing around. "
He's probably just lying then. I've never done it, but high level play is possible in Melee. But it isn't really possible in Brawl due to the amount of chance thrown in from things like tripping and other aspects which were changed.
The Super Smash Brothers series is probably one of the most misunderstood in the history of video games.
Edit: Just so I know what is being said in this thread, people are saying that hardcore MGS fans are bad, right? Not just people like me who played through each game quickly on the easiest or second easiest setting then never played them again?
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I don't have a problem with her, because she is a capable entertainer and comedian. Can we all (oh, well, most of us) agree that she was pretty good on the Daily Show?

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I'm not as much of a fan of his voice as I am of his character. Snake is a much more well written character than most video game characters.

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@Jimbo said:
" Crysis showed this 3 years ago, and we haven't gone anywhere since.  There has been no time before where the graphics bar has remained so static for so long.  PC gaming used to force the console standards forward, now it doesn't, so console gaming stagnates and the console manufacturers are happy to keep it that way, for obvious reasons. "
Agreed 100%. Even though graphics aren't everything, I would really enjoy seeing some progress.
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I can't stand people who rabidly hate twilight fans.
For the record, I don't like twilight, but hating someone because they like a book is just ridiculous.