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But dudes? Sabbath. Now I think Zeppelin has done a monuments work when it comes to modern music, but every time someone considers them metal, along with The Kinks, and Blue Cheer for that matter it just kind of makes me say "what are you on". Yes, you can probably find essence of metal in their music, but Black Sabbath found the sound and stuck to it for an album's length. An entire catalogs length when you think about it.

And okay. I get it. Sabbath doesn't have double-pedals or sweeps in their guitar solos. If you listened to this week's bombcast and heard Jeff's rant against people who hated Wind Waker only cause it wasn't mature then I can pretty much say the same for the folks that think that in order for things to be metal it has to have so and so. Sure. I believe bands needs to have certain aspects to achieve a "metal" sound, but when arguments like that are thrown to Sabbath it pretty comes down to them not having the fact that it was 1970 in mind. But even with that in mind you can probably argue that metal blast beats started when Black Sabbath did it for a couple of seconds in this video where Bill Ward goes nuts during the outro solo, but that's being nitpicky. lol

At the end of the day it's all subjective and boy, will it ever end? OP just wanted a list of what you all liked. And here I am. A little sad cause Black Sabbath gots no love. :3

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Snagged Populous. Thanks a lot, duder!

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I bet Bethesda Softworks makes Elder Scrolls VI before Fallout 4. Developers like to put sentimental value on what they release and I wouldn't be surprised if they tout a "new" engine that is made for the current generation and tie it to TESVI. I know Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Evil Within was published by them, but if I were Mr. Bethesda I'd be hellbent on making an Elder Scrolls game and give it the honor of being the first one out the door for this generation.

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@ll_exile_ll: I'mma tell you right now that I play an asinine amount of that game. Purchased the game on February 16th of this year for PC when the trilogy set went for $15. With that in mind it's November 3rd and I've logged in 365 hours for the multiplayer and zero for the campaign cause I did all that stuff on the 360 (didn't want to renew Xbox Live Gold). I usually play bronze cause I hate the pressure left on my shoulders when randoms join in on Gold with level 1-19 characters and with no consumables to fill their equipment slots. If you have the heart for it I'd be up for handling an hour's worth of Gold waves.

I sometimes play between 3-5pm pst and 6pm to whatever time of the night I have to stop before I have to go to sleep. Name on Origin is innacces21. Have fun. =]

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It could have been a lot worse. Brazilian news papers could have been printing stories about how the Brazilian national team were World Cup champions a week before the match. I'm not saying that cause of some wild accusations. =/

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"A dagger! A dagger through my heart!"

My insides were killing me for a US victory, but that didn't turn out to be the case. Either way it still beats my first reaction when USA got the news about the hand they were dealt when the groups were posted up. The team that knocked them out in the last two World Cups? The home team of Cristiano Ronaldo? Germany? Crossing my fingers for that tie, but damn. USA is doing pretty awesome by it's standards. This World Cup had me betting on the usual suspects, but after a week it's kind of become a guessing game. Either way I'm ready for some more World Cup.

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Wouldn't mind me some McPixel. Pick me! Pick me!

Edit: Got McPixel. Thanks a lot, @mracoon. =]

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The fact that I just finished watching The Wire yesterday makes this that much more magical. *salutes* Awesome job, @lackingsaint! Keep up the good work! ^^

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Not really into EVO, but hearing that SSBM made it in has got me thinking of this vid.

If this tourney can bring more of that then consider me hyped.

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I was telling a joke to a friend back in 5th grade when my teacher was looking all depressed. A girl asked him if he was feeling alright. He sat down and gave us the low-down about life and how it's short. He then took a long pause and told the class that his mother died. I said the punchline for the joke right when he said his mom died and my friend lost it so the next thing everyone heard was "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY CLASSROOM". It's one of those stories that make my laughs turn to disappointing sighs.