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@RedRavN: @jakob187: Thanks for listening to the tracks to begin with considering that this is a dinosaur of a thread. haha We've been touching up considerably since these songs hit the site and are happy to say that we'll get something with higher production in by the time Fall rolls by. These two post are pretty much gonna be a huge subject of discussion for the next two months considering we all have opinions that you guys pretty much summed up.

Thanks again for lending an ear, Duders. =]

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@ecliastee: Thanks, man. This forum is pretty damn ancient though so my head is in kind of spin right now. haha Thanks again, man.

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@datarez said:

Here's the big FAQ for the eve player:

I just want to note how hilarious it was to see "how do I shoot planets?!" as the first question. Never played the game, never will, but man do I love me some EVE news. haha

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Putting my hat in again for Gerstmas! 2013. Got The Witcher last year and I'm still pretty amazed and thankful about the contribution you and other members of the community have put here. Thanks again, Duders!

1. The Walking Dead

2. FTL

3. Hotline Miami

4. Dirt 2

5. Just Cause 2

6. Hitman: Blood Money

7. Super Meat Boy

8. Mark of The Ninja

9. Half-Life 2

10. Castle Crashers

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Tony Cliff - Give It All You Got

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I find this forum very disgruntling.

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Patrick kind of rubs me the wrong way. I don't read his articles, and it doesn't help that he looks and sounds like someone I know personally that I would like to, well, just not have in my life. With that out of the way I would just like to say that everyone is whining about their own free will to hit play on these bombcasts. Patrick is in it, why the hell go out of the way to listen to the bombcast, let alone visit if you know he's here. I don't care that the guy has an opinion. It kind of helps having a different flavor and point of view in these discussions to draw some video game knowledge and ideas from.

I haven't played Walking Dead, Spec Ops The Line, and Binary Domain. If that didn't won me over then why complain when their spoilers hit? I'm bummed, yes, but dudes? We had MONTHS in advance to get these games in our systems and computers to stop us from being so bummed about a fuckin' spoiler. Spoiler talk when Walking Dead is a contender? Fuck it. I'm okay with biting that bullet. So I guess what I'm trying to say is...

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All hail our new modding overlords!

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I wouldn't mind paying $5. It's exactly how much I paid for Payday: The Heist which is pretty much my 2012's 2011 game of the year.