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Tony Cliff - Give It All You Got

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I find this forum very disgruntling.

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Patrick kind of rubs me the wrong way. I don't read his articles, and it doesn't help that he looks and sounds like someone I know personally that I would like to, well, just not have in my life. With that out of the way I would just like to say that everyone is whining about their own free will to hit play on these bombcasts. Patrick is in it, why the hell go out of the way to listen to the bombcast, let alone visit if you know he's here. I don't care that the guy has an opinion. It kind of helps having a different flavor and point of view in these discussions to draw some video game knowledge and ideas from.

I haven't played Walking Dead, Spec Ops The Line, and Binary Domain. If that didn't won me over then why complain when their spoilers hit? I'm bummed, yes, but dudes? We had MONTHS in advance to get these games in our systems and computers to stop us from being so bummed about a fuckin' spoiler. Spoiler talk when Walking Dead is a contender? Fuck it. I'm okay with biting that bullet. So I guess what I'm trying to say is...

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All hail our new modding overlords!

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I wouldn't mind paying $5. It's exactly how much I paid for Payday: The Heist which is pretty much my 2012's 2011 game of the year.

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@Mendelson9: This is my personal favorite from the soundtrack. It has a very deliberate Michael Jackson vibe. Jake Kaufman added a synth lead over where the vocals would have gone, but you can even tell by the syncopation of the synth lead that this tune was meant to be sung MJ style.

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Double clicking pages to load and stuff. Firefox 17.0 if it helps. =P

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Didn't play the game, but heard the tune during the Quick Look. Fuckin' catchy. haha

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@Mushir: My mother took it the same way. She jokes every now and then by tricking me into eating blessed bread, but other than that I do see her a little bummed about it once certain holidays roll by. We're still family though and I'll do anything for her if the need arises. Other than that the best course of action I would suggest is to forget that there is a you and a religion. I believe you only get one pass to shout at the world about your non theist beliefs and anything after that should be time devoted to family, friends, spouse, your neighborhood, friendly online communities, video games, food, a night at the theater; life.

Yet there are those who actively go to forums to devote time to ranting about why god doesn't exist and why the world should be Atheist. You, like me, just had something snap in your mind and that was all it took to question your former belief. You can't instill it and tell someone what you think. It just happens. There isn't a bigger loser than the Atheist who has devoted himself to preaching about why god isn't real. It's the same thing as ranting about an ex that you dumped. It's in the past. You left it behind for something else. If you still talk about it it's one more minute you're surrendering your balls to the subject. Live your life and live it to the best of it's potential.