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wow, did not see this coming. I have to admit I was rather immature when you first joined and thought you were not worthy of joining these guys (although, you picking slender as one of your top 10 games really didn't do you any favours in that regard) but it is sad to see you go now.

Good luck for the future.

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"Aaron moved on from speedrunning Portal 2 was the feeling that it was feeling more and more like a job."

... Portal 2 because it was feeling more... perhaps?

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"21,000 developers" means nothing. As far as I can tell they just count everyone with a developer account. I am one of those people. Creating a developer account does not even require e-mail verification, it takes like 20 seconds.

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@patrickklepek I see you've started to fix the error. If you're still unsure this is actually the snake in question here. I know it says big boss but he was called naked snake before that

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David Hater could've done the facial mocap just as well.

By the way. Hayter not being Snake (be it Naked/Solid/Liquid etc) is a big deal. He'll be alright and does not need the money but he'll be like Conan without The Tonight Show. There are things that money (or credit) can't buy or replace.

He was NEVER liquid though. He was not big boss in MGS4 either.

There was always the chance they would call him in again if solid returns in a later game, but I think his bitterness is hurting those chances :(

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@spitznock: He is conveying inaccurate information. Trying to make sure it is correct is not "being dicks". Relaying news is a service and people who use the service deserve to have the correct info. Not all criticisms are personal attacks.

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Solid Snake is not in this game.

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It annoys me how the verge guy asks about Netflix and competing with these other systems for multimedia stuff. The whole idea of a steambox is just a small form factor pre-built PC for people who aren't quite as hardware savvy as some of us. Its still a personal computer... Its open, not a closed system like consoles where you only get to use what they give you. Open your browser; go to netflix; done. Competing with those systems on multimedia? A PC has infinite more options both streaming and locally with a much wider range of supported file types.

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After Jurassic Park, few could have predicted Telltale Games would have come up swinging as hard as it did with The Walking Dead

I guess you never played anything else Telltale did? 3 Seasons of Sam & Max, Strongbad, 2 Puzzle Agent games, Tales of Monkey Island, Hector, Back to the Future and Poker Night, just to name a few off the top of my head. They had bad games before Jurassic Park too but there was enough good there to not lose hope.

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I always feel more comfortable in a snug chair than on a sofa. Even when i play console games i sit in a desk chair.