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Man that game looks good.

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All the time. I can't sit for long periods of time, I have to get up and do something else.

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One way to look at it is she may have started school late. Some parents put their kids in school a year later than others. My family put me in a year earlier than others, so I was always the youngest kid in my grade.

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Vinny makes more sense but come on, you know it's going to be someone from the West Coast office; and if I had to put money on it it'll be Brad.

Nevermind, just took a look at the front page. It's going to be Vinny and Alex.

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I would totally go since I live in Florida, but Universal Studios is so damn expensive.

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@carryboy said:
@mirado said:

What do you know, a Mayweather fight that looked exactly like a Mayweather fight. Pacquiao barely landed anything, had surprisingly unimpressive volume, and spent far too much time going head on with Mayweather, who was more then happy to let him walk directly into his jabs.

Mayweather's defense remains frustratingly impenetrable, and I keep making money off of people who bet with their heart and not their head. Shame, really; while I didn't expect otherwise, I wish Pacquiao could have landed a few more punches like the one that stunned Mayweather early, and pulled out the upset. Alas, I guess.

Its pretty great getting all this free money thought right?

Made 1000 on this fight, beautiful.

Only 1 more fight of free money to go I guess.

You made $1000 on this fight? I made $1000 on this fight too!

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Does ESPN count? Because every time I work out I'm near a TV.

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I still play occasionally, I just procrastinate way too much. I had to change my password last night after finding out my account was temporarily disabled due to suspicious activity. Turns out all my stuff was still there, so woooo!

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My favorite comment on that page: "Dan Ryckert's shitty food choices could fill this whole damn subreddit."

Well, that person's not lying.