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Man, those wings look so cool. I just got back into this game so I can get the archwings, but man, those Corpus are kicking my ass in that excavation mission. I need to relearn a lot of things.

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I haven't purchased anything yet, but I do have my eyes on Grim Dawn and Planet Explorers.

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Please be good, this is the only FF game I really give a damn about. It looks nice, the voice acting seems fine to me (the lip synch is what's bothering me right now) and I really like that Atlas inspired enemy towards the end.

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Yep, buying this expansion. That Machinist class looks like it could be fun.

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I remember this being in the news for a while. Well, not the news, but word of this happening were going around for several months.

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Dan will probably vote for Shadow of Mordor along with Jeff and Brad and it will win, sending us to a terrible hellfuture where Dan is king and we all eat Taco Bell and drink 40s.

Is "hellfuture" code for paradise?

Only if you're cool with diabetes. Who wants the sugars?!

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Yeah, I've been having this issue for a few days which is a bummer since I like having QLs and some premium shows on while I exercise or eat dinner. Now I have to remember the names of all the games that I like watching QLs of.

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This happened to me last week, strangely it hasn't happened to me this week but I doubt it's gone. And speaking of videos, I can't browse the videos on this site anymore. For example, if I click on Quick Looks and then try to go to page 2 no videos will show up.

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I remember reading that Nolan North was on a TV show. Forgot what show it was but it was probably something I would never watch.

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Wow, that sucks. I pre-ordered the DLC a couple of nights ago and I can play just fine. Well, I logged in just to see if I might run into this problem and, nope, everything's good on my end. I hope this gets sorted out for everyone else.