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They can't be trademarked. For example, neither can "look-see" or "fleeting look"

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I'm still digging my (Astro) A30's after 4 years. I hope they last me for a decade or more.

I'm wasting potential by just plugging the, into my audio jack of my pc speakers, so maybe I'll take the time to go underneath my pc and permanently place them.

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@monkeyking1969: I think the key here is it seems like media companies aren't promoting the staff of gaming sites to any meaningful positions or in control of the product. It seems handled by other corporate types who've never been at the ground level of entertainment. Just administrative staff of higher ups being shuffled around.

They stated in their Patreon video they had nowhere to move up. So, good for them taking creative control over their product. I support that idea, because personally sites like Gawker, etc that are click bait websites, I can't handle. I can't handle the layout, the randomness, the junk food feel of it.

It's always articles about "here is something you never thought of that we want you to think about as our writer just rambles on like a Maxim magazine article".

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I don't understand people who visit IGN. What type of hardware are they using to access that cluster fuck? It crashes my iPad, chugs my high powered PC, etc.

Seriously, there site is unnavigable. I don't see how anyone goes there and doesn't feel like they are playing a horrible game of "fight the advertising". It's nauseating. If I see an IGN link, my PC groans and I break out into a sweat thinking of the damage it'll do if I click their article. It's shoddy software programming and just jammed packed with tracking software and in your face advertising.

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I totally get his attack on Kotaku, because that was a great rebuttal and he was warranted by his anger.

That said, his game does look like an early 90's game for the kid who wore a jean jacket and smoked in school bathrooms. It doesn't look relevant. Which I think the GB crew was getting at. For the GB crew to be as they were criticizing the game while even socializing with him makes me think Jaffe has a reputation that we don't see.

He calls GB "smug assholes". He lights the rag in the moltov and throws it. He's a PR guy when he does this. That's not good PR. He could have easily phrased himself better, instead he went straight to "smug assholes". Which isn't going to keep any friendships.

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If he's going through this, then it has to be tough for him and it's good for him to keep on top of it as Giant Bomb East is going to be requiring more air time and more public figure activity. There is nothing wrong with talking your problems through with someone else productively. Many people need it and never seek that help.

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@xymox: I hope they don't ban that kind of stuff. I like how UStream on PS4 said they know people are broadcasting garbage, but people are watching it. They are, I do. Don't get me wrong, some of those people broadcasting on PS4 are the worst, but I'm an adult and it serves it's purpose for entertainment for me sometimes. Sometimes you find an excellent stream also. Like a jeweler making jewelry one night and a drunk musician after a show who decided to keep playing in his house and broadcast it.

I have a good friend and when we get together we always head to it after many beers and see the train wreck. As long as it's not people having sex or fighting, I say it stays.

With the mods the same thing. As long as it's not straight up porn or sleazy to be sleazy, I don't think they should cut it. We are adults and if I find it funny, whose to say to me it's not? I know you didn't take a stance, so I'm not directing this at you, just a general statement.

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If you have even another Risk of Rain, you'd be awesome and appreciated. My steam ID is my username. Insane Genis. (Don't remember at the moment if the gap is there)

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Is this going to happen?

Can the staff give us any info as to whether this will come true or not? Jeff mentioned it recently it's a possibility, but are they actually working on it?

Klepek is in Chicago, I'm In indianapolis, so I'm sure the tour would show up there and I'd get a chance to go. Can we get something out of the staff to what is going on?

*pestering pestering pestering pestering*

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@mb: I just put that Corsair K70 RGB on my christmas list. I did NOT want to spend that much, but that just seems to obnoxious not to own.