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@veektarius: You ever see Jack, just ignore his boisterous presence. Immediately when I saw him, from the comic book, I knew he was going to offend everyone and be an asshole. He is a "hero"/ good guy in the comic though and a main character of the series. Like a Tony Stark, but a huge dick and doesn't understand why everyone doesn't get his sense of humor.

He supports you and realizes you're being serious and stops joking when you don't throw him out.

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@ragintaft: That's pretty cool. I'm a PS + subscriber also. Have fun with the service

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@ragintaft: did you sign up for it? How did you receive your notice?

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PSN ID: MarvisInsane

Time zone: Eastern

Launch Games: Lego Marvels (renting games this weekend before I buy, but yes to Lego Marvel. Wife preordered it herself. )

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@bigjeffrey: he's going to be there for launch day. Not sure if that was flying in later this week.

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@berniesbc: Mine elicits at least 2 "no"s out of me, sometimes 3. After making several transactions there (my wife gets gift cards from her work and has the option for GameStop) over course of 3 weeks, I kept getting asked every transaction if I'd like to preorder GTA5. I had already paid it off. 3rd time and the employee asks me if I had a rewards card, if I wanted a rewards card and a third "no" from me when he asks me if I want a GTA5 preorder. I say "no", transaction completes and when he says "have a good day" I say "One more thing"

Him: "yes?"

Me: can you pull up my preorder of GTA 5 please?

Him: "yes, absolutely (pulls it up), how can I help you?"

Me: "Cancel it and give me my money back. I know it's not your fault you have to ask me all these questions, I'm just tired of it."

Shocked, but not saying a word, he gave me my money back. Said "have a nice day" and I was polite back and left.

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Got a pre order for a PS4 controller Saturday. Take receipt for fully paid for controller into store yesterday. Employee takes receipt, looks at it and says "Excellent, I'll be 20 minutes as the customer before you turned in these games and systems". I look down on floor next to him and see a large Tupperware box containing 2 old generation 2 systems and a ton of games.

Me: "Are you serious? It's paid off and no one is here." (The customer who turned it in was looking at games)

Him: "I'm sorry , but yes I'm serious. He was here first."

I'm pissed and go look at games for 15 minutes. When the guy starts checking the disks in the PS3 the jackass calls me over and says "I can ring you up sir while these games load up."

I give the guy my receipt, he scans it on the second register and hands me the controller. A transaction that literally takes 2 fucking seconds.

I have always and will always hate GameStop and the day they go out of business will be a glorious day. If only the stupid masses would realize Target, Meijer, Walmart etc are just as good for buying games than that shitty store. Only reason I got my controller there is because someone gave me my gift.

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I'm sure it will be fun, but this writer did poorly. Buying clothes for his character "felt really cool"? Did it really?

Anyways, is this a midnight release or just sometime during the day tomorrow?

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Is this to cover up some proxy war with google that Apple does not want to enter into? Patrick I hope youre reading this, but their obviously is a philosophy at Apple to never acknowledge competition. (Mark Cuban mindset) To work in a bubble in order to leave your customers in a bubble concerning softwares. I personally own apple products and I guess their fear is Google will start defining to the masses about operating systems while Apple hopes to keep the masses in the dark by making them believe there is no Linux. Hopefully Google sees this and steps it up in competition. I personally like how Apple products handle UI wise which I've always supported. Android is to clunky for me, but I don't want Apple treating me as if I'm an idiot. Which is what they are doing here.

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@jonny_anonymous: Maybe they should put him on Maxim?

Rolling Stone is an icon of pop culture. There are songs dedicated to reaching the pinnacle of "making it" by being on the cover.