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I think this was a poor use of my money when I finished it.

I couldn't help but to think that the story couldn't hold up on its own so it required the use of "pretending to be a horror game" and mid 90s nostalgia that specifically targets the Caucasian audience who had a Christian family and watched TV shows during that time like the x-files on VHS tapes. What some reviewers and people like Patrick don't realize is that Gone Home only really works for a specific kind of audience, which is the late 20s, Caucasian with Christian parents born in the US, that has a current liberal positions. Basically people like Patrick.

Now, I'm not saying that there isn't anything wrong with that, it's just facts about who he is and it's fine that this game specifically panders to that kind of audience who really are most game reviewers. I just wish they would realize that the reasons why they enjoy it, are just not applicable to people that don't have those personal origins.

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I've said this before, if you feel threatened, may I suggest shotguns? Because they would be more effective than this.

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Feeling bad about the harpooning and hunting, biggest eye roll ever.

And apparently stabbing guards that are just doing their jobs in the face and neck is okay.

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Until the embargos on XboxOne games expire, I'd like to remind everybody how harshly penalized review scores of PS3 versions of games were, does a decent job at it. That's right absolutely fuckall lesser pixels than the 360 version and boom, shutdown. Keep your eyes open on the 12th and beyond for the dirtiest of reviewer double standards possibly arising, this time in an defensive position.

Oh but don't forget that post processing anisotrpic filtering is better on the Xbox. But forget that, so many gamers are so technically illiterate that the only thing the understand is resolution and that's what matters in graphics. Stop talking like you understand any of this, you aren't Carmack, you aren't Tim Sweeny.

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That leg... That was actually kinda hard to watch actually. Pretty brutal, wish they did more with stuff like that.

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No ironside, no splinter cell.

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Another bolt on wonderboy looking to get smoked?


This here is tha' numba' 15 guy on the BLACKlist. You gotta lotta rep ta' eaaarrrrn before ya' get ta' ride wit' him.

I want every single unit after the guy....

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Get a pocket knife guys, jeeze.

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@insanejedi: Nope, kids eat gun shapes out of graham crackers and pretend they're shooting guys from a young age. The distasteful part is when the lines between real violence and a serious mission in reality are compared to some guy on his couch/chair pressing keys.

@sthusby: You never played the original Ghost Recon series then. Advanced Warfighter 1 and 2 are dumbed down in every way and extremely simplistic. Same thing with the Rainbow Six series.

God forbid you know about Arma or Full Spectrum Warrior. Both which were games that were used as simulators, now used for entertainment.