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Tiger Woods isn't on Origin oddly enough. Golf really needs to come back on PC. DCS Golf Simulator anyone?

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Any suggestions? Steam pulls up like 3 games from no-name developers. Looking for anything realistic golf or minigolf would be cool too.

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Oh thank you.

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I can't remember if this is Giant Bomb or the Hotspot days but I remember Vinny, Jeff, Brad, and Ryan were talking about how they played WoW and would need to dress up for the pizza guy, and may have to pretend that the food is for a party of people. They also talked about how they would get chinese food with 8 fortune cookies in it when it was just for themselves.

"hey guys the Pizza is here! I could use like 4 forks."

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The VERY VERY VERY first thing you should do is to encrypt your phone. You can do this through the settings>Security>encrypt phone menu. The reason being that not only is it best practice but, its because if you ever decide to root or install a bootloader, it will fuck up your phone if you decide to encrypt it later. There is no downside to encrypting, other than imperceptible CPU usage.

If you decide to encrypt the next thing wont be a problem which is that NEVER use the slide-to-unlock security setting. Security wise it's not very secure, it can be bruteforced, and there are not very many permutations on a 3x3 screen. If you encrypt Android will NOT allow you to use the weaker unlock systems. (which is a good thing)

Before rooting you have to unlock your bootloader. Your bootloader is what controls if you can run code approved by google in places where the recovery is. The recovery is where you can restore your phone back to factory settings. Wipe out all data, and start all over. In order to root you need whats called a "custom recovery" which is a recovery system that is different than what your phone came with.

This custom recovery can install code onto your phone into places that would be forbidden otherwise. You can install a piece of rooting software from the custom recovery (think of the custom recovery as a BIOS or second OS on your phone).

This rooting software allows you to play with files that Google normally doesn't let you on the phone. System level stuff like modifying the CPU Voltage, deleting system apps like the keyboard and replacing it, or deleting system sound files like the sound your phone makes when it first starts up. These normally are not allowed but since your device is "rooted" it allows you system level control like you would find on Windows with Administrative Privileges.

This also lets you do crazy things like how some apps ask you for your GPS coordinates, and you can totally block them from having your GPS coordinates OR give them custom GPS coordinates that are NOWHERE near you.

I highly recommend you at least unlock the bootloader and install a custom recovery IF for the ONLY reason because you can make a backup on your phone, that is like a PC or Mac backup/time machine. If you fucked up your phone not only can you restore it back to last when you saved it (all your apps, settings, everything is back like it was) BUT if you destroy your phone, you can actually go buy a totally new Nexus 5, take your recovery images if you backed them up outside your phone. Push them back into your phone, and be back and running in literally 30 minutes. If you want to learn I highly recommend this video.

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I can't help but to see that Giant Bomb has been littered with everyday sort of scam spam in the comments and forum such as...

my neighbor's sister-in-law makes $999999 every hour on the computer. She has been out of a job for 9999 months but last month her paycheck was $99999just working on the computer for a few hours. go to this site........ w­w­w.givemeavirus.c­o­m/

I don't know how much you guys want to put resources into filtering the spam and attempt to make Matt Rorie's job easier but it's clear that these post have a very similar pattern..

Im making over $30h a month working part time. I kept hearing other people tell me how much money they can make online so I decided to look into it. Well, it was all true and has totally changed my life. This is what I do----> (website)

my friend's step-aunt makes $86/hr on the internet. She has been out of a job for nine months but last month her paycheck was $18678 just working on the internet for a few hours. browse around this web-site........ (website)

I was wondering if there was some way to program a spam filter that would automatically detect post like this using a heuristic method of detection.

For example every one of these tends to start with...

My (relationship to other person, Aunt, Neighbor, Friend Ect.)

So you could do a flagging system for example that detect this particular format with a thesaurus or dictionary of nouns that relate to a persons relationship. Now to avoid false positives and type 1 errors for other posters this is obviously going to require more detection.

So another condition is if we detect $x tied to a specific time.

Almost everyone goes 'makes/making (over) $x (time)"

and we can tie that to a conditional if the string contains one of the following words shortly after.

"internet, home, office, computer"

Finally the nail in the coffin could be a website that are ALWAYS put at the end of the string.

", ect."

In fact you don't have to make a blacklist as almost all of these spam comments put a website at the very end of the string, never in the middle.

So if all these conditions are met, it's highly likely we have spam, with little error in the manner of having type 1 errors where legitimate users would be blocked because they typed something similar.

I do realize that this is a losing battle in some cases, they are going to get more crafty to send out their bullshit, but any attempts to automate this would certainly help admins and make Giant Bomb a better user experience.

There is a chance that they might give up and go to websites more easily exploited in this fashion as well, rather than dedicate resources to subvert the spam system.

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What are you majoring?

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I don't know how many people actually read patch notes but I think it certainly broke a lot of games with the rework of tranquil boots. Even today I still get a bunch of carries, and heroes like Axe and Phantom Lancer still buying tranquil boots because it was in a guide pre-6.79. It no longer has active heal, it is a passive Regen over time that breaks even if YOU attack and don't get hit.

You also cannot disassemble them, so Ursa players please stop doing so to get Vlads.

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In a land where you can own guns and a long pointy stick, why are nunchakus illegal?

(talking about California and referencing QL)

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Who wants to pitch in so someone in Giant Bomb can be in the movie and yell "THIS AIN'T NO GAME!" in honor of Ryan Davis?