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What are you majoring?

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I don't know how many people actually read patch notes but I think it certainly broke a lot of games with the rework of tranquil boots. Even today I still get a bunch of carries, and heroes like Axe and Phantom Lancer still buying tranquil boots because it was in a guide pre-6.79. It no longer has active heal, it is a passive Regen over time that breaks even if YOU attack and don't get hit.

You also cannot disassemble them, so Ursa players please stop doing so to get Vlads.

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In a land where you can own guns and a long pointy stick, why are nunchakus illegal?

(talking about California and referencing QL)

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Who wants to pitch in so someone in Giant Bomb can be in the movie and yell "THIS AIN'T NO GAME!" in honor of Ryan Davis?

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Ok, so by your estimation, because it's the internet (or because it's digital and not physical) it's not theft. Got it.

They send you the packets to view the website. They send you the packets which include the writing, the video, the images and the ads all at once to your computer. Using Adblock is telling YOUR COMPUTER to just show everything but the ads once it's been sent to your machine. How is it stealing if they inherently send you all of it, and you just don't want the ads once they come to your end? It's like getting sent a dish of steak, potatoes and peas, then removing the peas. And that's somehow theft, just because their business model is based on you eating the peas so that it pays for the steak and potatoes.

This isn't an absurd analogy this is actually exactly how the internet works. And just because they've set up some system that depends on you eating the peas to keep the lights on, should it be the obligation to eat the peas once it gets to your end?

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@koolaid said:

I don't really agree with this assessment of the situation. The OP compares the ads to junk mail and cold calls from used car salesmen and says we have no obligation to them. But this isn't a good comparison. A better comparison would be if we said we were going to buy the used car, drive it off the lot, and then never paid. See ya sucker!

Giant Bomb is selling something. The content is not free, but there are different ways to pay. You can spend money. or the site can have ads on it. I agree with Alex. You can justify it all you want. You are still a pirate. You are still taking something.

Hell, I'm not even trying to pass judgement. I've pirated games before. But just own up. My iPhone was built off the backs of slave labor. I still use it. The burger I ate last night came from the systemic torture of living creatures. I still ate it. But you're fooling yourself if you think your hands are clean. It's the justification that grinds my gears.

And that article from the advertiser is kinda dumb too. He doesn't seem to think too highly of youtube videos or video game websties and says it is right for market forces to get rid of the lame ones. He's right about that. But that isn't what we are talking about...? Ads aren't keeping shitty let's players afloat. Market forces will already force off shitty youtube channels. No views = no ads = no money. Good content providers are who get views. But that really doesn't help his narrative so I guess he left that part out.

Think about it in a technical sense of how literally your computer works with the internet. You go to a website, and a website sends you back packets which display into what you view as a website. Packets, as in data as in 1's and 0's that come through your Ethernet cord and compile so they display an image on your monitor. Do you think it's wrong once you receive some of those one's and zeroes that people choose to see some one's and zeroes and not all the ones and zeroes for a computer they personally own? Isn't it my computer MINE and the device I control? If so, why do I have to accept all the 1's and 0's when I want only some of it and not all of it? Using adblock is taking the entire website page's 1's and 0's and only displaying the 1's and 0's I told it to.

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Nothing will ever compare to this...

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@sanj said:

Ryan got married to the love of his life and probably had the best f**king weekend of his entire life before he passed. He was able to experience something that a lot of people can only hope to find. Compared to that, games and consoles seem laughably trivial.


Yeah... but this was still something he loved. There are worse ways to go out, but you know he was looking forward to the crazy new launch of next gen. Especially given how insane everything this year is.

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The unfortunate things I realize Ryan won't be able to see.

- Playing Saints Row 4

- Launch of the XBO and PS4

- Half Life 3 being announced

Since time and space don't exist in heaven he probably is playing the Xbox two and PS5 right now.

Probably trying to tell us how crazy it is that Sega announced a new Dreamcast in the future.

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The unfortunate things I realize Ryan won't be able to see.

- Playing Saints Row 4

- Launch of the XBO and PS4

- Half Life 3 being announced

I think the last one is the most unfortunate. People can literally be fans of Half Life and die before it even gets a story conclusion.