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Very odd as I'm running an anti-virus scan and have several tabs open (one of which is Netflix on another monitor) and I'm barely hitting 25% myself.

If you're using Chrome's 'cloud settings' feature, you could always delete your account off your machine and re-link it (your settings, bookmarks and extensions will be pulled from the cloud).
It might fix it, assuming it's a Chrome malfunction.

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Don't think any game I've played has out-right scared me (beyond 'jump scares').
However, a couple have given me the creeps due to their atmosphere. Alan Wake was one of them. Never scared me, but I found the game's atmosphere creepy which only added to the game.

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From my own experience (myself and majority of my male friends), guys are typically more into different genres of music that 'boy bands' and 'girl bands' aren't part of. You know, the hip-hop, R'n'B, Rock, Metal, etc.
Yes, there's a couple of 'girl bands' in these genres (Destiny's Child, TLC, etc) but 'bands' of any kind aren't really a standard thing outside of the mainstream 'pop' genre.

At this point, I think it's more of a cultural thing for guys to claim not to like 'girl bands' or else be teased about it from their friends and co-workers. Many guys just don't advertise they like such songs / artists for this reason. There's also the obvious topics of many of the 'girl bands' songs that guys just can't relate to nor care about.

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Last time I checked, there's only 3 or 4 servers. If you're American, you'll likely have a laggy experience as most servers were European.

This was 3ish years ago, however.

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If they were 'officially licensed' and released, wouldn't they be classified as DLC or addons?

'Mods' are typically made by the community, for the community.

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The page I get is a little different to the one your screenshot shows, plus the code doesn't give a 'value' once redeemed.

I guess the codes (and the page you see) are region specific? I dunno.

EDIT #1: Just noticed your screenshot is of Step 2, mine is of Step 1

EDIT #2: Going to Step 2 appears to display an almost identical page to the one you have shown. Sorry for wasting your time (it's turned 12:40 am here, so I'll blame it on being tired). It's also applied the value--and shown it-- on Step 2.

Again, apologise for my idiocy.

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@fattony12000 When applying the coupon, did the 'total' on the Checkout page change for you?
I've gone through all the coupons (see below), but none of them appear to work.

Can you confirm if this is a bug or the codes have finally expired @rorie?
I tried all of the following codes with no apparent discount being applied (despite getting a 'You have successfully applied the coupon...' message).


I'm getting some serious Premium withdraw symptoms here, been several months since my account was 'demoted' (my membership expired). I've got no use for the $15 coupon, nor the t-shirt as I do not live in the USA and thus would have to pay a king's ransom for shipping, taxes, VAT, etc. so I usually pick up a membership during the "sale".

EDIT: Resolved.
A combination of a late night and my own stupidity; I never thought to progress to 'Step 2' of checkout (which correctly applies the code). For whatever reason, Step 1 will accept the code, but not apply it's value.
I apologise for wasting your time.

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Don't they usually do the sales around the American Thanksgiving holiday? I know they didn't last year (perhaps due to the tragic loss of Ryan).

I recall reading a thread that claimed @rorie told them (via PM if I recall correctly) that a sale was in the works for New Years. For the life of me, I can't find that thread now so I can only assume I imagined the whole thing.

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I wasn't even aware that Maestro was still a "thing".

Anyway, as others have said GiantBomb do have a PayPal subscription option (but they have to manually activate you, so it's not instant). I, myself, have used the PayPal membership and membership via Visa without issue.

I think it's time you either look into getting a Credit Card or switching to a bank that gives you a Visa Debit Card.

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