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Awesome idea. Going to get addicted even more to a website with this system.

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Bah i'm getting it. I dont have the will power to resist this one. That's a good box full of goodies anyway :)

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As somebody who has a good 30 games purchased on steam and impulse it doesn't really concern me terribly much i suppose. Steam has not only given me weekly deals on tons of games but also allowed me to re-download and play games when i move country without carrying a single physical disk/box. As someone who has a 360 and a ps3 i'll admit i appreciate the fact i can trade in a game if i'm tired of it or want a change but for the most part i don't really care. If it went away I wouldn't notice. Publishers still make money through online vendors just like they get when they go through a brick and mortar retailer, only difference is now with online they dont have to pay for packaging and i don't have to wait for a store to open or even bother leaving my place. I can get things in the comfort of my home. It really is just a change in the means of delivery. I see people on the nintendo store getting ripped off it seems by not adjusting price but Steam has things down pretty much perfect right now. Only thing i don't like about steam is that the games through it are tied to it forever but for now it seems a non-issue.
Physical media will disappear without a doubt, it's time is almost at an end. The used game market will dry up soon thanks to DLC that only comes with original purchase. Maybe one more console generation will have physical media but I'm thinking that largely the Microsofts and Sonys and Nintendos will start pushing stuff through there online stores because they can make more of a profit that way.

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lol brilliant

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iTampon is the correct term

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Wolf 3d

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Dragon Age for sure no question. It gives me a surprising amount of joy seeing modern warfare 2 lag behind here ;). 
Getting a PS3 this weekend hopefully, uncharted 2 can prove itself to me then.

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Nah i gave up reading reviews a while back. Video reviews and quicklooks all the way. Between here and gametrailers I find out about most every game. Metacritic definitely comes in when buying though.

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If you're talking console grab Borderlands. 
If its for PC i'd get Left 4 dead 2 because Borderlands for PC is a console port that needs desperate patching.

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@turbomonkey138 said:
" And this is why i Don't enjoy FPS's on the pc "
Because you don't enjoy having the freedom to create your own style of fun? Sucks to be you.