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Man, Vinny's looking real good these days. Good work, V-Bomb!

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Come to Texas and try some kolaches. They're Czech in origin, and they're fucking excellent.

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Look at Yosuke's fucking face. God damn it, Disco Yosuke.

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I JUST saw the Lesnar news. I'm so excited.

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This is useful information about butt health, but I'm gonna flag it anyway.

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Glad a bunch of us dudes could come together and tell those women what they ought to think. Good work, fellas.

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Looks like Alex got Vinny to shoot his, which is almost unfair. It's so good!

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Rorie, please streamline this to all hell. Don't let Dan pick fights with the party, don't let party members pickpocket each other, and just dole out gold like XP. Fighting over gold in D&D is the most petty and boring thing in the world and it makes for terrible television. If they're going to do something that makes for a tedious argument, just laugh it off as a joke and move on. I feel like everyone at the table and watching at home would have a lot more fun.

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Hey, reminder: Patrick Klepek no longer works for Giant Bomb.

Nintendo always sends out download codes for review, Dan's been playing on his New 3DS, and they don't have a way to capture off of it. Someone's probably going to have to play through it on a cart or on the capture 3DS to put together, and it's probably already too late.

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@nickhead: the app will almost certainly have a way to subscribe via RSS. Just use the podcast RSS link, and it'll probably prompt you for login info. I know that's how Doggcatcher does it, and that's a terrific android podcast app.