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@corruptedevil: no need to be mean. Iron Galaxy are a bunch of goofball fuckups, but they're also capable engineers that do good mercenary work.

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Christ, Muir's promo is so goddamn good.

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The 2013 Nexus 7 is really great and super-responsive. I love mine. There's probably a new one out this year, too.

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@dicksocrates: enjoy the extra content, because there's a ton of awesome stuff.

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go to google maps and search for a location, then click 'photo tour'.

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Drape yourself in blankets like some sort of shitty ghost.

Your room divider idea might work? Maybe? I'm no scientist. If you could close the bedroom door, that'd probably be the most effective way to stop it, honestly.

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I love Giant Bomb. I'm excited for Dan and Jason to start getting to work. Tomorrow there'll be a Gerstmann/Ryckert Quick Look of Sniper Elite 3! However, I'm sad that the (hypothetical) masthead for this website would be nine white dudes with varying amounts of stubble. I understand that with Ryan passing and Vinny and Patrick leaving SF, there's an urgent need to put more people in the office, a need for more people for videos, podcasts, and live events, and that Dan and Jason are talented dudes who will fill those roles well. However, this site's generally a cool, progressive place, and it would have been refreshing to get some more diverse perspectives. It would have been an encouraging sign! I think that, again, a masthead that is nine white dudes is an actual, real-ass problem that needs to be addressed. My sincere hope is that expansion continues, rapidly, and that they take a good hard look at the makeup of the site when they're doing additional hiring. And today, a lot of people expressed that same disappointment and expectation. And, since they were (for the most part) women, they did so with the one-thousand percent justified anger that comes from being ceaselessly passed over and belittled for daring to have opinions. And, again, since they were (for the most part) women, some real fucking monsters attacked them. I know that plenty of people that call themselves part of the GB community have said "They came from Reddit/4Chan" or "Those people don't speak for me!". That's true, and that's fine. Those assholes don't come from this website, and they don't speak for us. But we need to do a better job of speaking up for ourselves. And not against criticism. Against hatred. We all need to do better, myself included.

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That tilted ladder spot was kind of incredible.

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I wouldn't get rid of the Vita, because it's a cool platform, but the 3DS is definitely worth having around. Maybe buy a 2DS, actually. That thing'll play Fire Emblem and Zelda and Tomodachi life just fine.

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I'll be at work, and I'll watch the conferences on Wednesday and Thursday, when I'm off.