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I was tempted to bump this non-locked thread from 1½ years ago with the post "The 'U-Toob' Spam Stops Now!", but that would definitely be a troll activity.  So instead I will passively-aggressively post this blog.
Posted by AjayRaz

if you didn't notice, that post was prior to the youtube spam rule

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Yeah, I know.  It was way before.  I'm trying to fight my troll-like inclinations.  I just thought it would be funny because I would pretend to be angered by U-Toob spam by posting "The 'U-Toob' Spam Stops Now!", which would bump it to the top.  Thus I would encourage people to watch and comment on U-Toob spam, without actually posting U-Toob spam myself.  It's a workaround, but it totally goes against the spirit of the U-Toob spam ban.