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I tried to sell my golden ax to Re-Tail but instead of telling me the price, she asked if I really wanted to sell it. I was afraid to click "yes," so does anyone know how much it goes for?

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Talking about the Wii U interface made me want one even more now. I need a job.

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If someone is visiting your town, the host can talk to Kapp'n and you both can go to the island, right? Then let's say you both go fishing and bug catching. Can the second player store his bugs and fish in the container? Or does he get his own container? Or does he have to sell the contents of his pockets to that little girl for a pittance?

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I bought Elite Beat Agents because Nintendo Power listed it as one of the best games for the DS. It was alright, but not really my type of game.

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Yes everything you hold is added to the catalog. You can then order most items. Some are not for sale, like gyroids, Gracie furniture, and fortune cookie prizes.

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I used to have this game on GameCube and the mic worked fine. Now when I try to play it on the Wii, the mic won't work. My sister bought a new mic and it still didn't work. Has anyone else had this problem? Why would the mic work on a GameCube and not on the Wii?

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Oh I didn't know Hizang doesn't post here anymore. Do you know why he stopped?

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I have a 5mb/sec cable Internet connection, yet eShop videos literally buffer every 15 seconds! However, videos on Netflix on my 3DS run fine. Why can't they run fine on the eShop?