Softcore Gaming Series Thus Far

Hey guys, so, I know not many people, if any, will read this.  But for now, it gives me a place to randomly go on about some of the stuff I wanna plan out.  Right now, I run a series on youtube called "Softcore Gaming".  It's a series that focuses on games that don't really have a reason to play, other than for fun.  No real competitive edge or reason to excel at it.
The first game I jumped in with for the series was Minecraft.  It's a pretty legit game for being in alpha.  It has a lot of nonsense to it, but it's always provided me with a decent amount of fun in nice little spurts, so I decided to record.  I'm wrapping up the first season of the series and looking forward to season two in 2011.  Season two will be fun, because I can actually get some 360 game play going on, once I acquire a capture card.  Looking at a few HD PVR's and I'll end up picking out the one that suits me.