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@JJWeatherman: No, definitely wasn't comparing the two.  I more so was just curious how people react to things they view as "negative".
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@Bigandtasty:  I think you missed the tone and point of my post entirely.  I wasn't saying any of the things I mentioned were cheating or exploits, but was asking him how he considered exploits, since it's "in the game" and not cheating via a mod or third party device/program.  His remark implied that if it's in the game, it's ok.  Exploits are in the game, thus my inquiry.  Not to attack him or his reasoning.  Just to find out his perspective.
I'm definitely not interested in creating my own set of rules for people to follow, I was just suggesting that is how I personally approach it.  If I find something cheap, I don't use it.  I excel and win with the things I like that don't have that sort of approach(similar to what you claimed in your post).  I'm not trying to peddle shit, nor am I trying to berate people for using tactics I don't use.  The questions I asked were legitimately out of curiosity if people accept the way other people approach game play and if they employ the same tactics.  I then went on to claim I do not, to sort of "pre-answer" my own question and take part in the thread. 
My questions to 


were not attacks, they were literally to find out his response.  Though your jumping in and answering for him, sort of made them out to be as if I was attacking his personal character.  I agree that if someone finds their gaming experience to be negative, they shouldn't be playing anymore.  I never suggested I was suffering through anything in any of my posts.  My questions were to find out how other people perceive the communities they are in and how they feel they play the games they do.
All in all, I agree with everything you posted.  I just feel you replied with a tone that might not have fit.  Maybe I'm reading it wrong or being inappropriately defensive, but some of the things you said sounded like you were implying I was trying to rally people together to be "honorable".
 @choffy21 said:

" Honestly, being a "good guy" online sucks, especially when I always have to be conscious of what I'm posting online. As a journalism student, I don't want something I say as a knee-jerk reaction to a troll keep me from getting an internship/job in the future. Now, I doubt my potential employer will look at Giant Bomb, but you just never know who will remember something.  It's because of this I've completely eliminated cussing online and try to be passive-active (be active, but chose which topics I don't think can hurt my name). Yeah, the Cronkite School is making me paranoid. "

Haha, definitely understand that point of view.  However, it sort of brings up an interesting thought process of "am I doing this because it is what people expect and I will be punished if I act otherwise" or am I doing this because "I think it's the right thing for me to do"?  I guess why I'm sorta fielding these questions to people is to find out what sort of effect the communities have on people and their decision making process.  Does fitting in override winning and pride, or even dignity, for people who take these things very seriously? 
Lots of interesting ideas coming up in this.  



" In multiplayer, I will try to kill people. If a developer has placed a rocket launcher or grenade tube in a video game for players to use, I see no reasoning in restricting yourself in order to avoid "offending" people. I just don't care about people that much. Usually, on forums or the like, if you state an idea that is controversial, you may get a negative response. However, if your argument is both well thought out and well written, I see no reason for anyone else to feel angry at your opinion. For example, I think Ico sucks. That is a controversial opinion. However, I can structure an essay relativley easily that presents my findings and thoughts in a coherent manner.  In other words, calm down, and think logically. "

That's a totally legit answer.  I also think it depends on the game.  Like, using the rocket launcher on Halo is different than in COD, to me.  I'm not sure why, exactly, and I'm sure I could spend the time to consider it, but I justify it some how.  I know everyone can put grenade launchers on their guns in COD, just like everyone can acquire the rocket launcher in Halo.  I know they put it in the game for people to use.  Heh, I dunno why I have that mentality of "it's bad in COD" but it's "smart in Halo".  Hm.  Killstreaks, actually might be the reason, now that I think about this while typing.  I don't like losing a streak to a grenade launcher or RC-XD, heh.
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@DragonBloodthirsty said:
" @carlthenimrod said:
" I don't get mad at the players but the developers instead. As far as I am concerned, it is on the developers to balance the game properly and if they don't then I simply won't play said game.  Also, if anybody sends me an angry message I will either ignore them or send back the words "I love you". "

I have to agree.  It's not the place of the players, especially in a competitive environment, to police themselves.  The player's job is to try to win without cheating, and using things that are included in the game itself and don't require any outside assistance can't constitute cheating.  If a game is designed poorly, it's not the player's fault.

If people want to go off on their own little private servers and play non-competitive games with people who want to agree to that mess, that's their business.

I find that argument pretty interesting.  That's definitely a slippery slope statement to make, in that "if it can be done, do it".  That sort of mentality doesn't apply to real life, so why would it, in a community, apply to games exclusively?  Your remark also sort of nullifies the word "cheating", given that if it can be done, one should do it.  If "cheating" can be done, it should be done, under that context.  Cheating using a mod or something, sure, your argument covers that.  But what about exploitation of bugs found in a game?  You're content with people accessing and using those against you and these are methods you employ to win your own games as well?
I just think doing what is right or intended(aka: don't be a dick rule) should trump what can be done.  Sure I can take all the pennies out of the "take a penny give a penny" tray, but... yeah. 
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@___pocalypse said:
" I don't play much as far as first person shooters go, I've found that playing them on my 360 is super annoying because I'm a lady. I don't have the patience to play with people I don't already know IRL (or at least have spoken to in the past) anymore because so many people are dumb about it. Sometimes in WoW there are creepers but it's never all that bad. I can solo most stuff or play with friends, so I've never had any issues with it.  As far as forums go, there will always be trolls. I don't mind them, and as long as they aren't doing something insanely shady like finding and publishing my personal info, I don't really care. I even enjoy arguing my point, but if it's obvious someone is posting to be inflammatory, I'm not going to bother responding. I've never really gotten mad at the internet, but man I do like trying to be right. Maybe I'm part of the problem :D  I usually try to treat everyone with respect, internet and real life. It probably isn't all that beneficial for me, but it's how I roll. "
Wow, and that is another thread entirely!  I'd love to get into that discussion, at some point.  Maybe I'll save that for next week, "female reactions to their online environment".  I find it borderline repulsive, how some people respond to girls over voice chat.  Don't get me wrong!  I'm horrrrrribly perverted and terrible, but only around my friends or people who know me well enough to understand I'm just trying to get a smile out of someone.
Awesome responses on this topic, thus far.  I really like the diversity in how people's solutions seem to come to be as well as the perception of how games are intended to be played.  Also:
@carlthenimrod said:
" I don't get mad at the players but the developers instead. As far as I am concerned, it is on the developers to balance the game properly and if they don't then I simply won't play said game.  Also, if anybody sends me an angry message I will either ignore them or send back the words "I love you". "

I've always shook my head at developers, because of the amount of online gaming I play.  When a game releases, it has millions of people "having at it", as it were.  Those people are smart, or dumb, in some cases, and find out all sorts of bugs and quirks that were overlooked in development.  I really have to hand it to the few that actually keep current with their patches and stuff.  Right now, Treyarch is doing insanely well with their PR in responding to the community.  It's not a perfect game [Black ops] but really has impressed me, given the last installment's complete lack of patching.
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@sharma55 said:
" So, right now I play a lot of FIFA and if you play a lot of FIFA you know all the possible exploits (high pressure and stuff) If I notice someone exploiting against me I'll just send them a PM saying "exploiting isn't cool man" Usually they'll just keep going on their exploiting way and not bother with what I just said to them but once I had a dude quit on me after that and another time he scored 2 own goals and lost the game 2-1. Pretty interesting to see how people react once they know they've been caught. "
Yeah, I never really understood the concept of cheating in multiplayer stuff.  Like, when a game has "cheats" built into the game, they can be fun to play with here and there, but exploiting is just bogus.
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 Softcore Gaming Episode 23:

Last episode I ended up getting home and in this episode we mess around with some of the ideas people have been sending in on how to build the house.  Right away, we're messing with a mix of glass and ice and digging downward, instead of building up.  We'll see how it turns out...
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Some really awesome responses here and few that made me grin.  I definitely didn't think of the fighting game community, but I'm sure this definitely applies.  
@GlenTennis said:

" Fighting games fans have to deal with this a lot, but after years of thinking about this specifically, I've come to the assumption that "If it's in the game, do it. Keep doing it until someone comes up with a way to beat it." I feel like this relates a bit to the blog I just posted about trying to be nice on Xbox Live. "

Nice find, there, for sure.  And good call pointing that out.
Also, it seems like a lot of people have the right idea: ignore them.  Not encouraging the behavior in any way has been pretty successful for myself, so it's nice to see people who act in a similar fashion.  Now... if we could only continue to do that until the rest of the communities act the same.  :p  I'll keep holding my breath...
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So, I've talked to a few friends of mine about this and was sorta curious what sort of approach most of you take.  Often times when playing online or even participating in an online community through vlogs, blogs, forums, message boards or whatever, people will say or do something the community finds unacceptable.  A lot of the times these actions are not illegal or truly "harmful", but can, for the most part, be seen as things to avoid if you possess common sense.
A style of game play in certain games would be one of these things.  Techniques that are "cheap" or generally annoying are very popular among the online gaming community, especially in the first-person shooter genre.  "Noob tubes" come to mind when I think of this and games like Modern Warfare 2 and even Black Ops, to an extent.  Most people despise the use of such things, yet the tactic is still used.
In forums, people "troll" or intentionally "flame" other uses to incite a response or provoke attention to themselves.  Good or bad attention, is good attention to people with this sort of mentality.  I understand the reasons behind why someone behaves in such a way, but what I'm curious about is how you react to it?
If someone is doing something annoying to you, online, how do you respond?  A few things I'd like to point out and that should be fresh in your mind as you consider this would be: the window of exposure to most people online is normally very brief unless you're in a very small community, together.  Most online personas are fairly anonymous.  Most offensive people will respond with more hostility when confronted.
This post isn't in response to anything I've experienced, but simply just a curiosity I've had.  Do you yell back at people?  Make fun of them?  Ignore them?  Leave the game lobby/thread where the person is?  Do you do the same things they do?  Do you do the opposite of what they do?
Personally, I simply go about my way trying to offend the least amount of people I can, while having the most fun I can.  I love playing games online and competing, but certain tactics will always prevail over others.  Fortunately, true competitive online play offers limitations on the things most people find annoying in public games.  On forums, I treat everyone like my neighbor.  Every person I speak to or reply to, could be the next person replying to me or speaking to me.  So if I treat them poorly, I can only assume I'll be treated the same way when it comes back around to me. 
A lot of these questions could be rhetoric or simply things to think about, but if you have answers, I'd be super curious to hear how you normally deal with people.  If you have a serious or even funny answer, I don't mind.  :)

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I stiiiill haven't played Bully, for some reason.  I need to get to that at some point, even though it's like three years old.  Keep seeing it on the "on demand" list for the 360.

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