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I think its funny how Bad Company 2 looks just as good if not better and requires not even half the computer to run it at its best.

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@Alex_V: In what way does MAG remind you of MW2? Personally I've found the mechanics to feel significantly different.
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I see this game gathering a cult following very much like MGO has. It caters to a certain crowd is what ive noticed. Personally is a game ive wanted for years, it may feel archaic but I welcome it because lots of games these days just end up failing on trying to modernize a formula that shouldnt be changed.
It has its problems obviously, but I plan on sticking with it to see how it turns out like any MMO. Like Fench women and good wine, MAG will get better with age. Like Randiolo said above, people really just need to try it. Yeah Bad Company 2 is right around the corner but they are significantly different.
MAG is simply a game you cant judge by watching, when you play it you will experince what I and many others have.

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 After weeks of intense BETA play, and HOURS of Live play ive come to a simple conclusion...
...the game that MAG really reminds me of is Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory on a much larger scale. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with that. However Valor's Acquisition map can go fuck off.  
What do you guys think of the game so far now that its out?

BTW go S.V.E.R. amirite?

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So I'm nearly done shopping for Christmas, just have a couple left on my list to make happy this year.
One of them happens to be a gamer like me. Like me he loves Tactical First Person Shooters much like the Classic Rainbow Six games (pre vegas) and Ghost Recon. I cant think of one that I could get him that still has a large enough multiplayer community.
If anyone here knows of such a game let me know.

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I like shooters. I enjoy shooters. I love shooters. The 3rdPS/FPS shooter genre is by far my favorite.
Out of all the s hooters I have played (the list is quite huge) none to my knowledge have been as engaging as Zipper Interactives MAG.  
MAG is a Play station 3 exclusive Squad Based sh ooter thats currently in an Open BETA state as it nears its late January 2010 release. There has been a lot of speculation on whether or not ZIpper could actualy pull off this feat. 256 players in one game with a stable framerate and no lag sounds like imagination. But my fears were calmed when I dove in for the first time. Teamwork is required but you end up working together as a team as necesity. Given using a mic/heads eat will increase squad affectiveness the flow of teamwork is beautiful. The battles arent pure chaos. The maps are well designed and cater to the myria d of players. The objectives are spread out nicely and there is plent of action to go around.
There are two factions in every given battle. Whether you fight for S.V.E.R., VALOR, or RAVEN the gameplay is generally the same. The only difference is that they each have their own unique look, equipment, locales, and backstory. 

Out of all the shooters I have played (the list is quite huge) none to my knowledge have been as engaging as Zipper Interactives MAG. The gameplay feels just right in all of the places.
Visually the game is what I would expect of one of this scale. However it still proves to be a good looking game. The characters, the animation, and lighting are pretty damn good. The textures arent the best but they certainly dont look bad at all. With everything going on on screen the framerate is solid through out.
I really dont know what else to say. If you have any questions you want me to answer about it I will do so happily.  I understand that the game is only in BETA at the moment but with it nearing its January release im quite happy that Zipper is pulling this off. 
Also you really cant compare this game to those such as Modern Warfare. So dont even bring that trash talk into here :P
So if you have been skeptical, heres your chance to try it out without buying it. Take my work for it, you will be pleased.
you can get into the beta by going here
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After playing the beta I truly regret not purchasing the first Bad Company. I might have to now to get in full Bad Company mindset.
Like you mentioned in your blog post, I too have been enjoying this more than MW2 in just a day of play. It blows my mind completely!
I wonder if the PC version will have a higher player count. Anyone know?

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The composer is what really draws me to Torchlight. That and the extreme mod capabilities!

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This update is gonna kick ass.