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@MasterOfPenguins_Zell:  Did you really have to waste your own time replying like that?

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I got my copy at a midnight release at a local Gamestop. When I was there it didnt seem like they had that many copies. I think I recall only seeing about 30.
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The japanese will give any game that includes white vuloptuous women doing sexy thing while vanquishing monsters. 
On the note of what someone previously said, Famitsu is a fucking joke.
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If you played the game correctly they werent an issue.
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I dont think I ever found spot!
Math Blaster son!
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You basically have the same stance on the game as I do. I appreciate how you went about this, maybe people who are unsure about why the PC community is in such an uproar about the the mess will understand after reading this. 
Im still debating whether or not to buy it on 360 or PC.
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@Asurastrike: I beg to differ, I had a lot of fun playing Diablo 2 alone. So you see, its different for everyone.
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So after hearing some pretty lame things about the PC version of MW2 ive decided to go ahead and buy it on the console instead.
With that said, I have enjoyed using my PS3 more than my 360 these days and I was wondering if its popularity transferred over? I'm guessing it did, but I would rather play it safe and ask. 
Also, any info if the CoD4 PS3 port had any issues would be awesome.

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Who says you wont have fun with it when playing alone? I guess the co-op is an added bonus, but I hardly think it will make a huge difference when it comes to enjoyment. It isnt even out so we will have to wait and see.

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If you want true Military Sim, go buy Arma2 instead.