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@Mikemcn: Say what you want against JRPG's. They pay more attention to storytelling and have way more depth than most US/Euro Titles.
Also just to clear something up, The Witcher is a Polish Action RPG that has at least 150+ hours of story content. Its pretty epic and its for adults, WHICH MEANS TITS SO NO KIDZ!
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@Raven_Sword: Arkhams PS3 port was well done, now flaws in it. However it is a rarity that a developer makes a superior PS3 port.
In my opinion games like DMC, and now Bayonetta seems like games that fit the PS3 Control Scheme better than the 360. I know there is A LOT more money to be made with going multi-platform but they end up making some of their user base suffer because sometimes technology does not like to mix.
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@Raven_Sword: Because bad developer is bad?
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@TheDoorman: Bike guy has his priorities straight! GOW2 ED FTW!
Personally the Endurance Run needs to cover a game that has a hefty narrative and depth within it. While Borderlands seems like a good idea I think that seeing as how it isnt heavy on the story there wouldnt be much to cover in an Endurance Run setting other than the grind of fighting dudes and getting loot.
My pick for the next ER should be The Witcher!
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I admit at times the dungeon crawling is less entertaining than the S.Link periods and story scenes. However I dont skip them, they still find a way to keep me entertained. However fusing is quite edgy at times lol

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@EvilTwin: How would it not be different, its your personal experience. Its going to differentiate for every person.
Its like watching someone play ARMA 2, and then playing it. You're going to either go nuts for it or hate it completely.
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I really like it, I also enjoyed looking at your DA gallery.

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@Robo_Zuul said:
" The old you get, the less age matters.  Many of my friends are 1-3 years younger than me.  This was kind of weird in highschool, but now that I am almost 30 I don't even think about it.  What's most important is if they are good friends.  That's all that really counts.  Plus, you'll be able to give them their first bar experience, which is a lot of fun. "
I couldnt have said it better myself. 
While im 17 I dont see anything wrong/odd with having friends that are older or younger. Having friends that are older and younger can benefit you in many ways. Your older friends can give you wisdom that you might not attain and you can also spread that down to your younger peers. Same can be said about them too, they can offer a perspective that you normally wouldnt even think.
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So I just caught up with the times and finished watching the latest episode of the Endurance Run. I guess it feels weird now having to wait for the next episode. I spent a lot of time watching the endurance run and having the same experience I would as watching a television series.
I look back now and I'm surprised at how intense I got into it, I spent almost every other day watching episodes. I guess the whole reason for this post is to really express my gratitude to Jeff and Vinny for doing this. I don't would have the time to get involved with a game like persona mainly due to time restraints, but because of them I was able to enjoy to what I think is one of the best games ever made. With that said I still feel an urge to play it myself. However I wonder; will I enjoy the game as much as I did watching it be played?
I guess to close this I want to ask the members of giant bomb...
Have you ever watched anyone play a game in full, proceed to buy it, and not enjoy it? Or did you end up enjoying it?